Why Vaping Is Better For Your Health

Why Vaping Is Better For Your Health

Vaping marijuana isn't just a hot new trend. Long time smokers are embracing vaporizing weed over other methods because of the benefits of vaporizing.

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Vaping marijuana isn’t just a hot new trend. Long time smokers are embracing vaporizing weed over other methods because of the benefits of vaporizing. The 420 Pony is here to break down why vaping is better for your health.

What Is Vaping Weed?

The term vaping doesn’t necessarily refer to marijuana. More and more cigarette smokers are turning to ecigarettes to help them kick the habit. They refer to vaping nicotine in the same way we talk about vaping pot.

When you vape weed, your vape heats it to a point lower than burning but hot enough to make the cannabinoids airborne. This way, you can inhale them without all the smoke associated with smoking out of glass or joints.

Why Vaping Is Better

There are many reasons people turn to vaping. Two of the most common factors are a desire for discretion and an interest in reducing risks associated with smoking. Vaping delivers both along with a few unexpected perks.

Vaping Weed Is Discrete

When you light up conventionally, plenty of smoke billows out all around you carrying the smell of cannabis. We’ve all smelled it before and that means someone has smelled you smoking too. If this is a concern for you, vaping is perfect.

The vapor doesn’t carry the smell in the same way smoke does. Additionally, it dissipates faster and doesn’t cling to you and your clothing.

If you’re vaping cannabis in an ecig style vape, you’re virtually undetectable. There is no visual difference between the thing you’re smoking and the guy next to you vaping nicotine.

In order to vape weed in an ecig that vapes ejuice, you have to get some concentrate and a product that turns it into liquid. We reviewed two of the top brands recently and you should check those out.

There are portable vapes that work for bud as well as wax ready vape pens to consider as well. With these vehicles, though, you could stand out more than someone quietly puffing on their 420 friendly ecig.

All vaporizers will eliminate the smell of burning marijuana and this is a big advantage for many people.

Vaping Weed Is Better For Your Health

The reasons why vaping weed is better for your health lie in science. When you burn something through combustion, gasses are released that have nothing to do with pot. These byproducts of combustion are harmful.

As much as 80% of the smoke you inhale is not the cannabinoids you want.

Vaping also eliminates shortness of breath and coughing for many users. It can take a bit to get used to, but it’s smoother and more pleasant than smoking.

why vaping is better nowsource

If you haven’t seen this amazing infographic from NowSource yet, you’re welcome.

Vaping Weed Is Self Healing?

Some evidence suggests that vaporizing delivers more of the anti-inflammatory agents in cannabis. These terpenoids help keep your lungs feeling good because they reduce irritation.

This is the exact opposite of smoking which can lead to conditions like bronchitis.


How To Switch From Smoking Weed To Vaporizing It

The biggest barriers people face to vaporizing weed instead of smoking it are obtaining concentrates and investing in new smoking equipment.

Some vaporizers are specifically designed to vape wax. Other vapes use the cannabis flower you’re probably used to. If you’re worried about getting your hands on BHO or shatter, look for vapes that work with regular bud.

A select few high quality vaporizers do double duty. Just be sure to do your research before you pull the trigger. Buzzfeed’s vape buying guide will point you in the right direction. High Times also wrote a similar guide focused on the best vape pens.

Whether you choose a vape pen or a larger vape for home use, you’ll be investing in a vaporizer. This is off putting, but some people report that vaping is more economical overall.

Vaping vs Smoking: The Verdict

After brief research into why vaping is better it is easy to see its appeal. As it continues in popularity, vapes area getting cheaper and easier to come by. This should support the trend toward a cleaner high.

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