Why Do People Use Cannabis?

Why Do People Use Cannabis?

Why Do People Use Cannabis? While prohibitionists would have you believe that cannabis users are insane, underproductive degenerates, that is far f

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Why Do People Use Cannabis?

While prohibitionists would have you believe that cannabis users are insane, underproductive degenerates, that is far from the truth. Today’s cannabis user is not only a productive member of society, but they’re also using the plant with health in mind. Cannabis is a wonderful way to reduce stress, expand the mind, open the heart and heal the body.

Let’s explore some popular reasons people use cannabis as well as the health benefits this plant offers.

Why Do People Use Cannabis: Relaxation

Not every reason people use cannabis has to be lofty or to counteract a medical problem. Stress is actually one of the leading causes of a variety of problems that people face today. While many turn to a glass of wine to unwind, cannabis is a viable alternative.

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but finding a way to take the edge off is important. For those who avoid alcohol, marijuana is a godsend for stress relief.

Furthermore, many use cannabis as a part of a greater effort to destress their life. It isn’t simply a crutch, but can actually be as effective as meditation if it brings a few moments of relief after a hard day.

It’s time we stop demonizing people who use cannabis in this way.

Why Do People Use Cannabis: Mind Expansion

Other people enjoy cannabis as a way to expand their mind or increase their spiritual selves. While substances aren’t a necessary part of spiritual growth, many cultures use external products to attain higher states of consciousness.

Thought leaders in this vein include Terrence McKenna, who spoke and wrote frequently about the spiritual benefits of cannabis during his life. McKenna saw cannabis as a great way to step outside our preconceived perceptions of reality. He also touted marijuana as a way to become more connected to each other and the planet itself.

This isn’t just mumbo jumbo for hippies and neer-do-wells.  It’s all about what works for you.

Why Do People Use Cannabis: Health Benefits

Both THC and CBD hold medical benefits, which we recently wrote about in depth. To name a few, chronic pain, insomnia, PTSD, immune and digestive problems are all soothed by the compounds in cannabis.

Additionally, research suggests that substances in marijuana benefit lung health and can either increase or decrease appetite depending on the strains selected.

Why Do People Use Cannabis: Entertainment

What if people just like to get high because it feels good? Well, what’s the harm in that!? Provided you keep your life on track, cannabis is a good time with few damaging side effects.

If a joint helps you enjoy a funny movie, an afternoon fishing on the lake, or a family feast, why is that a bad thing? It’s time to turn away from the notion that loving cannabis makes you a loser. In fact, today’s cannabis user is very likely a productive member of society.

Why Do People Use Cannabis: Creativity

While we are just scratching the surface of the many reasons people use cannabis, we can’t end without mentioning creatives. Because cannabis shifts perspective, many find it easier to be creative after a smoke or vape session.

Again, it’s important not to use any substance as a crutch that you depend on to reach your creative peak. The vast majority of cannabis users understand how to balance their use so it enhances their talents instead of dampening them.

Why Do You Use Cannabis?

What is your reasoning for loving the beautiful marijuana plant? Did we touch on anything that resonates with you? Let us know!