What’s With The Smoke Circle?

What’s With The Smoke Circle?

Rituals are instrumental in binding people together. They often blossom into a cornerstone of culture. If you use cannabis you know about the smoke ci

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Rituals are instrumental in binding people together. They often blossom into a cornerstone of culture. If you use cannabis you know about the smoke circle and adhere to its structure naturally. But what’s the deal with the smoke circle? Where did it come from? Why do we do it?

This is the kind of riveting information were committed to bringing you so let’s not delay!

The Origins Of The Smoke Circle

If you’re like the Weed Witch, you circle up to cast some spells while you’re lifted af. She’s probably in the  minority, however. The rest of us seem to do it almost by instinct. Someone asked us to join a smoke circle at a party once and we’ve participated every since.

As you might expect, there isn’t a lot of information about why people smoke marijuana in a circle so we have to draw some educated conclusions from other historical smoking and bonding etiquette.

We know that in the early 19th century, men would stay at the table or retire to a sitting room to smoke and drink. It isn’t a stretch to see similarities in this custom and the cannabis smoke circle. The weed is a bit wackier but the culture is reminiscent.

Looking further back, some Native American pipe ceremonies not only involved a circle, but passing to the left hand side as well. Have we assimilated these rituals into stoner culture?

It’s unclear if the smoking circle is a part of Rastafarian reasoning sessions, and if anyone has any first hand information on that I’d love to hear about it. Tweet me.

Other Related Rituals

There are some examples of circling up in other spiritual sessions that don’t involve smoking.

Circles feature prominently in Wiccan rituals where they are believed to connect the participants and create a sort of energy circuit.

Additionally, there is some evidence that cultures like the Obeah people also performed spiritual work featuring circles. Aboriginal Australian people also used circles in their energy work.

In fact, here is a video of a Mayan dance ritual that takes place around a fire in- you guessed it- a circle.

We can’t say with certainty that the smoke circle rises from any of these historic markers, but it’s interesting to think about over a good old fashioned smoke sesh.

Proper Smoke Circle Procedure

If you don’t already know how to participate in a smoke circle, the good news is it’s easy and doesn’t change a lot from place to place.

Someone breaks out and offers to smoke up the place. Those interested mosey over to a place away from the nonsmokers. A circle naturally establishes. Now, pass to the left and you’re all set.

No bells and whistles here, except some interesting conversation with your circle mates.

Circle Up!

Like any good student and observant cultural participator, the only thing left for you to do is circle up and embody the knowledge you gained.

If you’re curious about stoner culture, read our post about glass pieces before you go.

See you next time!