What Is Microdosing

What Is Microdosing

What Is Microdosing?  Microdosing is coming into its own, heralded as a revolutionary way to boost creativity, productivity, and quality of life. I

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What Is Microdosing? 

Microdosing is coming into its own, heralded as a revolutionary way to boost creativity, productivity, and quality of life. It has surprising proponents including the business and technology sector. What is microdosing and why is it so popular?

Prepare your dome for an epic 420 Pony breakdown.

So, What Is Microdosing?

Microdosing is a substance administering technique. Delivering microdoses of mild-altering substances allows for a study of the behavior of drugs in humans at a cellular level without making subjects high. During microdosing, levels of the drug (often LSD or psilocybin) are too low to produce whole-body effects. These minute amounts are called subtherapeutic doses.

Where does the concept come from? Dr. Albert Hofmann, the chemist who discovered LSD, originated the custom. He microdosed for the last significant portion of his life and certainly retained impressive cognitive function to his 102nd birthday. Hofmann believed microdosing provided clarity. Since that time, the subject enjoys a slowly increasing cult following in both the research field and recreationally.

How To Microdose According To The Huffington Post

Yeah, seriously. I read through the Huff Po so you don’t have to. This article was pretty informative, though!

Author, Carolyn Gregoire quotes Dr. James Fadiman, one of the premier researchers in the psychedelic field. His advice for microdosing is to take around 1/5th of a normal dose of LSD or psilocybin (420 pony edit: or cannabis) on a regimented schedule. He advocates morning dosing every 3 days.

Most people don’t trip on such a small amount but some experience gently altered perceptions. Additionally, many microdosers report improvements in mood; mental clarity and focus, creativity or productivity; less reactivity. Sometimes microdosing provides relief from depression and cluster headaches as well.

Effects Of Microdosing

Microdosing seems to improve a vast range of conditions. I’ve explored microdosing as a safer way of doing psychedelics than the high doses that have been used before. Roughly 95 percent of the people who write me have considerable psychedelic experience. I’ll basically tell them, this isn’t going to harm you, let me know what happens.

The general response is that they feel better. There is an actual movement towards increased health or wellness. What that means, for instance, is that people who write in for anxiety seem to get help with their anxiety. People who use it for learning, improve their learning. – Dr. James Fadiman, Huffington Post

Furthermore, according to Leafly, sometimes a lower dose equals greater benefits. They reference a  2012 study of patients with advanced cancer who were unresponsive to traditional opioid painkillers. These patients received nabiximols, a THC/CBD compound, at three different dosage levels. Patients who received the least reported the greatest reduction in pain, while those receiving higher doses actually experienced more pain.

How Much Cannabis Should I Take To Microdose?

You have to approach this with a researcher’s mind. According to Michelle Ross, Founder of IMPACT Network, suggests 2.5 milligrams. Maintain that level for approximately three days, and increase if necessary. Use trial and error to dial in the precise amount of cannabis that doesn’t make you feel high.

Record your experience so you can refer back to it if you want best results.