What Is Lollipop Training?

What Is Lollipop Training?

What Is Lollipop Training? In some ways, lollipop training is a lot like topping. In other ways, however, it's like the opposite. Either way, the t

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What Is Lollipop Training?

In some ways, lollipop training is a lot like topping. In other ways, however, it’s like the opposite. Either way, the two are related but use different methods to arrive at the same conclusion: higher yields.

If you aren’t familiar with topping, it’s not a bad idea to start there. We’ll give you an overview that you can understand here and you can always head there later for a bigger picture view. Both topping and lollipop training involve pruning the plants but in very different ways.

Let’s start with what cannabis training is and why you might want to learn how to do it.

What Is Lollipop Training: Cannabis Training 101

Growers train their cannabis crops for one main reason: more buds. Training increases yields which increase profit.

Some training methods focus solely on bigger buds and increased cannabinoid production. Others, however, also help growers produce a crop in specific locations. For instance, you might top plants to help them grow more colas but also fit into a small grow space.

Cannabis training methods break down into two main categories. The first category is low stress training. The second is high stress training. Either may leverage changes to a plant’s physical environment or actual manipulation of the plant itself.

What Is Lollipop Training: What Is Low Stress Training?

Low stress training creates minimal disturbance. Examples are topping, sea of green, and screen of green. You aren’t really doing any damage to the plant or causing the plant to believe it’s dying. Low stress training does manipulate the plant or the plant’s environment in ways that boost cola production, allow for more plants in a tight grow space, or increase cannabinoid production.

What Is Lollipop Training: What Is High Stress Training?

High stress training is more extreme. It may call for breaking or bending branches of the plant. This mild trauma causes increased cannabinoid resin to flow through the plant. It also affects how the plant grows.

What Is Lollipop Training?

Lollipop training is a type of pruning method. It requires growers to remove all of the branches of a young cannabis plant except the very top growth. The remaining plant resembles, you guessed it, a lollipop.

Is it high stress or low stress? That depends. Some growers think this method is too extreme and they probably consider it high stress training. Topping, however, is the most similar to lollipop training (because it’s also a pruning technique). Topping is generally considered low stress training even though the plant is cut.

In order to lollipop train your cannabis plants, you remove the bottom 20-30% of the plant’s growth. These areas usually don’t get enough light to matter much and this promotes growth near the top of the plant where the cola forms.

The right time to do this is up for debate. Some growers prefer the last two weeks of growth while some wait until after flowering begins. Use trial and error or do additional research to figure out what is best for you and your crop.