What Is Hash?

What Is Hash?

What Is Hash? We've never had so many options before us, cannabis users. If you're new to the pot game because your state recently legalized, you m

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What Is Hash?

We’ve never had so many options before us, cannabis users. If you’re new to the pot game because your state recently legalized, you may need to brush up. Hash, wax, oil, flower; to vape, eat or smoke. These questions must be answered.

Thankfully for you all out there in newbie-land, we have a breakdown for you. Prepare to learn about hash (aka hashish) and its recent evolutions.

What Is Hash?

In the strictest terms, hash is a cannabis derivative. Really the first pot concentrate, hash is much more powerful than using flower. Additionally, it’s usually vaped in some way.

Traditionally, hash is a red, brown, black or slightly green substance. After cannabis harvesting, the sticky residue from the live resin can transform into hash given the right conditions. The residue came from the sticky hands of those harvesting.  Some people also made hash in the early days using things like clothes steamers. Like rosin, heat and pressure can extract rich cannabinoids from cannabis. The result is a crumbly or sicky sludge you can vape or smoke.

Hash contains more cannabinoids per gram than cannabis because there’s no leaf increasing the weight.

Hash is traditionally smoked using a hot knife technique, crumbled onto joints and bowls, or essentially vaped ‘under glass.’

I’ve heard anecdotal accounts of hash jelly existing in the early days of America, but can’t find any research to back that up. Urban legend? Perhaps. The rumor I heard was that people ate hash jelly, but take all this with a grain of salt.

What Is Hash: Why Is Hash Stronger?

Cannabis contains substances called cannabinoids which are compounds the plant creates for defense (we think). When you consume cannabis, these cannabinoids make you high or relieve your pain. Not every cannabinoid is the same and each produces its own effects. Science currently recognizes between 80-120 cannabinoids.

When you separate these cannabinoids from the plant itself, you can use them in a more pure form. This is why hash is stronger per gram. It is more dense with cannabinoids than flower.

What Is Hash: Hash vs BHO

Essentially, BHO, PHO and rosin are forms of hash. They’re an updated version of strong cannabis concentrates that are easier to create. The extraction methods vary, but you can read more about wax, shatter, BHO, PHO and the like in our other articles on those subjects. Check them out!

By the way, you can also make hash using ice water (bubble hash) or by pressing pucks of kief. These forms are very potent and pretty much full natty, bra.

What Is Hash: Is Hash Stil A Thing?

Hash is still a thing! If you’re still getting your cannabis directly from your ‘guy,’ you may find some opportunities to pick some up. Dispensaries also carry hash, although it isn’t as popular as BHO or other, newer concentrates.

If you want to keep those hot knives alive, however, you can rock the old school techniques.

What Is Hash: How To Use Hash

The easiest way to use hash is probably the hot knife method. Heat up two butter knives until they’re glowing red hot and ‘dab’ some hash on top. Next, press the two knives together with the hash in between. It will start smoking like mad.

Use some kind of cylindrical tube to suck the vapor off the knives. Some people use straws (a bit small but will work in a pinch), plastic cups with the bottom cut off, a broken pipe or bong, or a glass. If you use a glass, you will have to fill it up with smoke and then suck the smoke out. This works well if you toss some ice into the bottom and essentially ‘milkshake’ the hit.

By the way, if you’ve never tried milkshaking, you haven’t lived. I’ll cover that in an article soon!