What Is CBD Honey?

What Is CBD Honey?

CBD honey is more than just a sweet parlor trick. This healthy delivery system improves immunity with a broad spectrum of restorative properties canna

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CBD honey is more than just a sweet parlor trick. This healthy delivery system improves immunity with a broad spectrum of restorative properties cannabidiol (CBD) offers. CBD honey combines the health benefits of both honey and the cannabinoid known for wellness.

It’s portable and easy to use as well as discreet. Many people favor it for the combined discretion and added health benefits CBD honey offers. Move over, chia seeds, CBD honey is the new superfood.

What Is CBD?

CBD is constantly in the news but it’s no fad. This effective cannabinoid is THC’s kissing cousin. It doesn’t cause any intoxication and instead improves and balances the internal regulatory system of ours known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The ECS is made up of many receptors throughout the body which are activated by cannabinoids including CBD. This allows these compounds to create their famous effects.

There are nearly 100 distinct cannabinoids in marijuana and CBD is just one of the pack. The current wave of interest into CBD’s potential benefits CBD heals the body of inflammation, anxiety, arthritis, depression, and much more. This nonpsychoactive cannabinoid is derived from either cannabis or hemp. Both plants create CBD.

What’s CBD Honey?

Natural honey contains bountiful antioxidants and has topical healing properties. It provides beneficial nutrients and enzymes unlike refined sugar.  Raw honey provides even more benefits from allergy relief to

Because cannabis remains federally illegal, many CBD honey producers across the nation are working with hemp. Hemp-derived CBD has zero known side effects. Due to its accessibility as well as therapeutic properties, it’s a hemp CBD is a great addition to nourishing honey.

Honey is considered a key vehicle to deliver herbal medicine in Ayurvedic tradition because it is a readily digested carbohydrate. Honey enters the bloodstream quickly, providing practically instantaneous effects. It’s easy to see why honey is an ideal CBD carrier.

CBD honey is real honey infused with CBD. Take great care when choosing a brand because much of the honey sold in the US is not real, raw honey.

How Do You Use CBD Honey?

CBD honey is like a tincture with a much better taste. This means you can add it to anything you eat to make it sweeter and more nutritious. Getting creative is allowed and encouraged!

Eat CBD honey on its own, in a recipe as a sugar substitute, or stirred into your tea. Most people find one tablespoon an effective dose. Start small with a teaspoon of honey and let your body metabolize it before reaching for more. With a little trial and error you will figure out your ideal dose. There is no danger in taking too much and you won’t feel high.

There are many CBD recipes online or you can make your own with the simple addition of CBD honey.

Companies have several different flavored CBD honey varieties that unlock endless potential flavor combinations.

Because honey is great for wound healing and can prevent infection, CBD honey works topically too. While it is a bit sticky and inconvenient, try it in place of antibiotic salve under a band-aid or treat skin conditions for short periods of time each day.