More Weed Memes To Laugh At

Since you can't have too much laughter, we're back with more weed memes to laugh at. Secretly, we can't get enough of weed memes around the 420 Pony o

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Since you can’t have too much laughter, we’re back with more weed memes to laugh at. Secretly, we can’t get enough of weed memes around the 420 Pony office. It’s hard to get anything done. So to bring these two loves together (memes and getting things done) here we are sharing them with you.

Kick back and thumb one down while you have a giggle with us. As always, we strongly encourage you to go to the creators’ social media links and follow them. They deserve the attention for this great work. We’re just here to appreciate it.

Weed Memes #1: The Face Melt

That moment when you realize that everybody is on to you. In fact, sometimes I feel like this, too.

Weed Memes #2: Just Baked

weed memes baked

I also wouldn’t mind an apple pie after I’m baked, darling. Since we’re talking about pies.

Weed Memes #3: Good Buds

This is funny and also #truth in every way. When cannabis smokes cannabis is that like cannibalism? Pass it on to your bestie and let them wonder.

Weed Memes #4: Plans And Goals

Ok, so I guess most of these memes are so funny because they ring so true. Not that all college kids hop on pot. At least not in the car on the way out of graduation.

Raise your hand if you got high in the car on the way out of graduation.

Weed Memes #5: Don’t Talk About The Shoes

WAY better than Elf On A Shelf and somehow less creepy. Original credit appears to belong to Adam The Creator on Twitter.

Weed Memes #6: Shouldn’t It Be Anti-Anxiety?

Yep, this gave them anxiety so they had to point it out to all of us so now we all suffer. Not very chill of you, Stonedcoldsavage! Thanks for the laugh, though. If only we knew how it ends.

Weed Memes #7: Oh, Dany

Now is NOT the time guys. Seriously, this face really sums it up.

Weed Memes #8: Nicknames

This is both the stupidest and funniest thing I’ve seen all day and I don’t even know why. Hey, Hamantha, nice to finally officially meet you.

We must all address ham properly from this moment forward so the rest of the world wonders what’s wrong with us. It will be our secret pact for 420 Ponies everywhere.

Weed Memes #9: Keeping The Same In The Family And On The Internet

Since I wear lots of things with pockets and constantly check them for my phone and other belongings, I can’t really shade this. If you’re more pulled together you can though.

Weed Memes #10:  The Only Time

They kept telling us in school that we were going to need it. Yep, about once every week and a half or so for sure.

Weed Memes #11: Or A Hairy Seal

You may be high af but that definitely looks like a dog wearing sunglasses to us. Or a seal, but why would a seal be in McDonalds or whatever. Will we ever have these answers!?