Watching Dab Videos Is So Satisfying!

Watching Dab Videos Is So Satisfying!

What's more satisfying than squishies and more soothing than ASMR? Dabs! Watching dab videos is so satisfying we can't stop doing it. From the looks o

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What’s more satisfying than squishies and more soothing than ASMR? Dabs! Watching dab videos is so satisfying we can’t stop doing it. From the looks of the other cannabis media we follow, neither can anyone else. Why do you think it’s so rewarding to watch people suck up sick dabs?

Are we living vicariously through them? That doesn’t explain why it’s so much fun to see people trying to crush dabs that we know we couldn’t handle. Maybe there is just something about watching all of the rhythmic dab rituals and seeing the swirling vapor vanish.

We’re gonna give you tons of awesome dab videos now, ok?

Why We Love Dab Videos #1

Seeing it through to completion is something most humans find satisfying, even when they’re not involved in the action. For instance, I love scraping the resin out of a bowl even though it’s a disgusting job. Why do I love it so? Because its an attainable goal with visible results. When I begin, the piece is dark and gunky. By the time I’m finished, it’s clean as a whistle.

See more of Deven’s dabs at his Facebook Page.

Why We Love Dab Videos #2: Stupid Human Tricks And Feats Of Strength

Maybe dab videos are so satisfying for the same reason people love strongman competitions or flexible acrobats. It’s downright amazing that people don’t pass out after some of these!

This one literally never gets old to me.


And this next one is purely insane.

Video by: Studio 420.


Why We Love Dab Videos #3: It’s Taboo?

Cannabis is legal in many US states, however it isn’t legal everywhere. Is there some love of taboo that keeps our eyes glued to dab videos?

While many people are dabbing legal concentrates, does it make us feel a bit edgy to consume cannabis content?

Video by: All Def Digital


Why We Love Dab Videos #4: Dab Porn

Sometimes, it’s just fun to look at things we like. While our dabbing may be restrained by normal boundaries like availability or disposable income, WeedTubers and dab videos let us see crazy things. Slab dabs anyone?

Video by: GroovyMac


Additionally, how cool is this rig? So that’s another appealing thing about dab vids. They show off some really awesome glass work. Let’s have another shall we?

Video by: Crutch 420


Here, the dabs start around 5:36 but the awesome glass appears from the start.

Video by: Hashbartv.  Follow them on Facebook  


Why We Love Dab Videos #5: The Challenge

In videos like this one, the dab becomes the challenge. Will he do it? Would you do it? It seems like a good idea at the start but this takes some true stamina.

Video by: Matthias710WRX Follow him on Instagram


Whatever the reason, watching dabs is almost as great as dabbing itself. I know I keep coming back for more. Are you the same?

Pass this along to any of your #710 family and ask them what they dig about dab videos.

Thanks for hanging out! See you next time for more 420 content.