Why Vape Temperatures Matter

Why Vape Temperatures Matter

Why Vape Temperatures Matter Vaping at correct, safe temperatures is crucial for maximum health. Furthermore, it might affect your concentrates'

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Why Vape Temperatures Matter

Vaping at correct, safe temperatures is crucial for maximum health.

Furthermore, it might affect your concentrates’ potency. Everybody is aware that vaping is less dangerous compared to smoking, but is it just that simple? Nope. There actually are a number of concerns with high vape temperatures.

Heating marijuana concentrates to the appropriate temperature will ensure that the cannabinoids and terpenes are vaporized efficiently, leading to optimal recreational as well as healing effects. Additionally, it prevents any negative vaping effects.

Vaping at temps that are too high could be dangerous.

Vape Temperatures Matter: How Temperature Relates To Vaping

When you vape cannabis, you inhale cannabinoids and terpenes released from heating cannabis. Unlike smoking, nonetheless, there’s no combustion. The material heats through transfer from an electric heating element. The heat isn’t hot enough to burn, or at least that’s the point.

The problem is, if you vape at a super high temperature, you are actually burning things. That defeats the whole point.

You can dab either marijuana flower or concentrate. We’re focused on concentrates in this article.

Is There A Best Practice Figure For Vape Temps?

We’re so glad you asked. The answer is actually yes. Here’s the answer and then the breakdown.

The perfect temperature for vaporizing cannabis is between 175 – 200°C (347 – 392°F). You’re welcome. This is based on a doctor’s opinion and it’s the best we have to go on for now.

Vape Temperatures Matter: Vaping For Terpenes

Vaporizing cannabis below 180°C (356°F), generally releases terpenes. Because cannabinoids require a lot more heat to vaporize, you will miss their effects unless you hit a certain temperature. Vaping just terps is awesome and you’ll want to keep this in your memory if you want to try it.

Vape Temperatures Matter: Increasing Temperature For Cannabinoids

So, crank it up for cannabinoids? Not quite. The problem with higher temperatures, on another hand, is that it’s almost all cannabinoids and no terpenes. This was studied by researchers in the Netherlands. Furthermore, if you vape above 235°C (455°F), the concentrate burns. This creates dangerous combustion byproducts exactly like you’re trying to avoid from not smoking. Also it tastes nasty.

Dialing In For Specific Cannabinoids

What about maximizing THC or CBD? The good news is, there is a sweet spot. The vaping points of THC and CBD are only 10°C (18°F) apart and most vaporizers don’t provide that level of accuracy. Attempt to vape as near 210°C (410°F) as you are able to and you’ll get a little bit of everything. If you want more terpenes, either start or finish with them alone at use a lower temperature. Remember that under 180 is best for terps.

Stage Vaping

There is not only nothing wrong with vaping in stages like this, but it’s also actually a new trend. Think of it as a multi-course meal.

You’ll definitely need a temp control vape in order to do this, though. Guessing isn’t going to work. You’ll soon get used to vaping in this way and it will feel like second nature. When you’re in a rush, you can go full cannabinoid and dash out the door. No muss, no fuss.