Using Cannabis Topically

Using Cannabis Topically

Using Cannabis Topically There are many ways to use cannabis topically and lots of benefits. Whether we're talking about CBD or hemp oil, topical c

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Using Cannabis Topically

There are many ways to use cannabis topically and lots of benefits. Whether we’re talking about CBD or hemp oil, topical cannabis is powerful. Use topical cannabis to get high (maybe), treat skin conditions, and ease muscle pain. Hemp oil is also rich and emollient which makes it awesome skin health.

Let’s look at the terminology around topical cannabis and how you can use it.

Using Cannabis Topically: Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is amazing for skin health and on your salad. It isn’t for vaping and probably has little to no cannabinoids in it. It may be high in CBD, however.

Hemp oil promotes skin healing by sealing the skin, delivering antioxidants, moisturizing the skin and reducing inflammation. For these same reasons, it holds some anti-aging properties as well.

Additionally, CBD rich hemp oil is an excellent massage oil. Rub it into tired or sore muscles. By delivering CBD to the affected area directly, you essentially drive it into your cells.

Sketchy hemp oil is everywhere, unfortunately. Use some discernment when you’re shopping for high-quality hemp oil.

Using Cannabis Topically: Hemp Creams/CBD Creams

Again, just because something is called a hemp cream doesn’t necessarily mean it’s high in CBD. Without CBD, hemp creams are great for the skin, hair and nails but probably won’t do much for pain or spasms.

Conversely, CBD cream can penetrate the skin and deliver a dose of healing cannabinoids right where you need it. I’ve personally used CBD creams for headaches, muscle aches and spasms and recieved relief. I love the stuff and can’t imagine how I lived without it.

Using Cannabis Topically: Poultices

If you want to get medicine man with your bad self, make a pot poultice and get to pressing. A poultice is a warm, wet mush of plant matter that you press onto the skin. It uses whatever properties are in the plant and heat to soothe infections, muscle pain, etc. It’s going to be a bit messy, but a pot poultice could help draw infection out of a boil, cyst or a pimple. Think about this like placing a warm tea bag on an eye stye, just more fun.

Using Cannabis Topically: Washes And Infusions

If you make a cannabis infusion (tea) you can wash wounds with it. If you really want some skin benefits, mix some honey in. You can use this to wash your face and scalp, clean cuts and scrapes, or on insect bites. The true issue here is whether or not your cannabis is sterile. If you’re dabbing away at a cut with funky pot tea, you’ll do more harm than good. Always store your concoctions in glass containers that you’ve boiled or at least sanitized with water from a hot tea kettle.

By the way, you can drink pot tea and get ripped if you want too but it probably won’t taste very good.

If you try any of these things with your pot tea, let me know how it works out for you. I’m curious, especially because I’m one of those kooks who routinely heal minor infections with straight honey. Messy, yes, but effective.

That reminds me, you can create CBD or pot honey that’s infused with all of the goodness cannabis has to offer. It would be great for any of these applications or for eating. Here’s a video on making hop honey that you can adapt to suit your needs.

And there you have topical cannabis in a nutshell!