The Top Cannabis Message Boards

The Top Cannabis Message Boards

Cannabis message boards are a great way to find internet friends who are into some of your favorite hobbies. It's a sea of 420 friendly friends just w

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Cannabis message boards are a great way to find internet friends who are into some of your favorite hobbies. It’s a sea of 420 friendly friends just waiting to answer your question or look at your perfectly twaxed j. While you might think the advent of social media drove cannabis message boards into ruin- you couldn’t be more wrong!

Let’s check out the top cannabis message boards around right now.

Top Cannabis Message Boards 1: Reddit

Yeah, we know- Reddit is the top message board for everything. This one gets top ranking for the sheer volume of cannabis posts every single day. There are digital f-loads of subreddits to wade through from topics mundane to scientific discoveries about cannabis. Several of the subreddits are humor focused and a lot of fun.

You’ll have to sign up for a Reddit account and follow the specific rules of the subreddit you want to post in. It is worth taking a few minutes to learn how Reddit works if you’re new, because you can and will get banned for making the wrong move.

Top Cannabis Message Boards 2: GrassCity Forums

GrassCity is an online weed hub that combines different media and features a forum. Some of the discussion is about growing so it’s a great resource for people looking for some expert advice about that or a number of other 420 issues. As medical marijuana is becoming more prevalent, some of the boards have healthy discussions going about using cannabis as a healing herb, too.

Once you’re signed up you have full access to the boards and as far as I know the natives are a bit more forgiving than the crowd you may find on Reddit.

Top Cannabis Message Boards 3: Rollitup

Like an adorable mascot? Meet little Rollie at Rollitup. I actually have no idea if that’s his name but I shall call him this and imagine us skipping through a bountiful harvest somewhere from this moment on. We’re holding hands.


This forum is active with daily posts and is one you should check out if you need more cannabis chat in your life, .org style.

Top Cannabis Message Boards 4: Forums

The community at is lively and a wide variety of topics are discussed. There are boards about medical marijuana, legalization efforts, and much more.

Not to mention, they have the best name ever. That was some great foresight,!

Top Cannabis Message Boards 5: The Feed At Cannabis Capitol

I’m not positive this feed is technically a message board, but it’s a great low-key way to check out some great weed memes and beautiful, smokeable dream puffs. Sign up or lurk, it’s worth stopping by.

Bonus Tip: If you like this feed, check out Duby!

Social Stoners

Don’t let it be said that the internet has made us more disconnected. That really is the opposite of reality when it comes to underground or edgy pursuits like 420 and 710. After all, Acidmath turned me on to this guy and I literally can’t imagine my life without him now.

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