Taking CBD: Plant Medicine In Many Forms

Taking CBD: Plant Medicine In Many Forms

Taking CBD: Plant Medicine In Many Forms Taking CBD is becoming a part of health routines all over the world. If you're new to the subject, you may

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Taking CBD: Plant Medicine In Many Forms

Taking CBD is becoming a part of health routines all over the world. If you’re new to the subject, you may be curious about how you can take CBD. There are many ways to do this including inhaling CBD vapor, eating CBD, and more. Even if you decide to eat CBD, there are many different delivery methods to pick from. Tasty snacks, capsules…the list goes on and on.

Before we begin it’s important to remind everyone that the FDA hasn’t approved CBD for any known conditions yet. Although it sounds like they’re on the verge, for now you take CBD at your own risk.

Luckily, there is a host of research available to back up health claims about CBD. After you read some of it and, hopefully, speak with your doctor, you can make an informed decision.

Taking CBD: What Is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid that binds to CB2 receptors in the body. It also influences the cellular environment, namely the way neurochemicals are absorbed. These actions allow CBD to change the way the body behaves in a positive way.

Taking CBD: Edible CBD

Edible CBD bypasses the respiratory system entirely.  Instead, it heads to the stomach and you digest it. It ultimately enters the bloodstream the same was as vaped CBD does. That’s when it begins its effects.

This creates a slower onset of effects but one that can last longer than vaping.

  • candies
  • gummies
  • baked treats
  • capsules
  • infused cooking oil; and more.

Taking CBD: Vaped CBD

Vaped CBD is suspended in a fine mist. When you inhale this mist, the cannabinoid enters your lungs and, eventually, bloodstream. Effects are quicker to begin and vaping at proper temperatures is safe. If you have a portable vape pen, this is an excellent, easy way to dose.

Taking CBD: CBD Creams And Oils

CBD creams and topical CBD oils deliver localized CBD through the skin and into the cells of the body. These products are excellent for muscle or even organ pain (cramps, etc), headaches, and more. Take care to recognize the difference between CBD oil for vaping, CBD oil for cooking, and topical CBD oil. The latter two may be interchangeable but you shouldn’t eat CBD vape oil.

Taking CBD: CBD Tinctures

A CBD tincture is a suspension of CBD in an alcohol or glycerine base. You either eat the tincture or drop it under your tongue or both. Similar to eating CBD, tinctures are long lasting, take a moderate amount of time to absorb, and are very discreet.

Taking CBD: Other Delivery Methods

Did we miss any CBD delivery methods that you know of? What do you use CBD to help you with in your life? Many use CBD to ease pain, even mood, soothe depression, reduce seizures and tremors, and aid in recovery from PTSD. This fascinating substance holds many healing keys we are yet to unlock. Advances in scientific research are ongoing, promising we will know even more about the healing ability of CBD in the future.