Stoner Culture: Why Smoke Out Of Glass?

Stoner Culture: Why Smoke Out Of Glass?

Even though our recent poll results didn't favor smoking pot out of glass, it's the choice of many. Glass pipes, bongs, and pieces of all types delive

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Even though our recent poll results didn’t favor smoking pot out of glass, it’s the choice of many. Glass pipes, bongs, and pieces of all types deliver the goods, are collectible, and works of art. Why smoke out of glass? It’s stoner culture.

Why Smoke Out Of Glass Instead Of Joints?

Anyway you like, smoke ’em if you got ’em. Some people favor glass, however, because you can control how much you thumb down. Pack bowls as large or small as you like as long as you have a pipe to handle it.

Pipes never get wet and soggy at the end and we all know what a buzzkill that can be. They’re also relatively easy to clean once you get the hang of it. Glass is superior to metal because of the taste. Even though it won’t last forever, it gives smooth even hits until it meets its eventual end.

RIP to all we’ve lost to concrete parking lots, kitchen floors, and too vigorous a poking.

The History Of Glass Pipes

Glassblowing itself dates back to the 16th century, B.C. Glass marijuana pipes however trace back to around 1971 when Bob Snodgrass started slinging pipes at Grateful Dead shows. If anyone was blowing hard glass pipes before that, they don’t get any of the cred for it.

Bob still holds court in Oregon where he teaches his art. His apprentices have the benefit of learning from the man who originated fuming.

Since Mr. Snodgrass, Tommy Chong and companies like Roor have kept artisan glass at the forefront of cannabis culture.

New Glass Artists That Will Blow Your Mind

The new kids at the front of the class are blowing exceptional glass as well. Why smoke out of glass these days? Just like the first awed stoners who beheld metallic fuming: it’s the aesthetic.

Grav Labs is certainly one to watch. Their designs push the envelope of what you’re used to seeing. They bend conception just enough to be exciting but still familiar. They pull in plenty of attention from cannabis themed media outlets and for good reason.

Boom Felazi is likewise cutting edge with a distinct preference for rubber duckies. Nexus Glass is award winning and Wiz Kalifa approved with a fresh take on modern, beaker style water pipes.

If you like your glass more underground, Etsy is a shockingly great place to hunt. Artists like Lavender Glass Works are doing some stunning things with color.

Some glass artists will even make you feel like you’re smoking out of the actual universe. Glow in the dark pipes swirl with captivating inner light. FireLifeGlass lends a similar theme to their stunning and wide variety of collection pieces.

The Glass Of The Future

Are brands like Pyptek showing us the future of glass through their Prometheus Titan Pipe?

Will the reasons why we smoke out of glass become just a memory in the face of vaping?

The dab trend continues to breath new fire into glass around the world helping them hold their own. It seems that glass pipes are eternal in cannabis culture.

They’re an easy go to and hold memories. They show off personal style and are conversation pieces as much as a tool.

So what about you? Do you name your pieces? How old is your oldest glass piece? Let’s swap war stories on social media.

See you there.