What Is A Steamroller And Why Do I Need One?

What Is A Steamroller And Why Do I Need One?

What Is A Steamroller And Why Do I Need One? Frankly, we're always singing the praises of steamrollers and don't understand why they don't get the

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What Is A Steamroller And Why Do I Need One?

Frankly, we’re always singing the praises of steamrollers and don’t understand why they don’t get the love they deserve. They’re easy to use and clean, have a low profile and pack a punch. Additionally, steamrollers deliver many of the same benefits as bongs. However, we find them easier to store.

So, today is all about the steamroller. We were inspired by a great post from High Times where they go over their favorites in the category.

What Is A Steamroller: Explaining The Setup

A steamroller is a cannabis vessel with a small bowl but a large chamber for smoke to accumulate. It sits low to the table top, doesn’t require water, and still cools the hit. They look like a pipe or large tube with two open ends and a bowl coming out of the top.

You pack the bowl, place your mouth over one end and your hand over the other opening, take the hit and release your hand. The goal is to take the smoke the same way you do in a water pipe.

There is often some kind of base or legs to keep the steamroller upright and stable.

What Is A Steamroller: Why We Love Them

While these pieces can get quite elaborate, they’re often simple and streamlined. There are fewer protruding pieces to snap off. Furthermore, they’re often made out of plastic which makes them nearly indestructible.

If you do want a gorgeous glass one, you’ll find them in most smoke shops and online. Basically, you have plenty of options.

What Is A Steamroller: Storage Is A Snap

The first reason we love them is that they’re so easy to store. If you need to keep your stash on lockdown, most steamrollers will fit right into a shoebox. Easy storage. No water to slosh around and dump inside the box.

When it’s time to clean your pipes, it’s easier than dealing with a tall water pipe.

What Is A Steamroller: Their Low Center Of Gravity

The next thing to love about steamrollers is that their low profile makes them ideal for parties and social smokers. Ever had someone knock your bong over while waving their arms around during storytime or while reaching across the coffee table? Dirty water goes everywhere and often your piece breaks.

Steamrollers solve this problem before it begins.

What Is A Steamroller: Huge Hit Capacity

Our favorite reason for reaching for our steamroller is bang for your buck. Like a bong, steamrollers have a huge smoke chamber. This lets you burn once and take a massive hit. This conserves your weed overall.

Oh, and because we never get enough of making this joke.

What Is A Steamroller: Drawbacks

It wouldn’t be fair to skip over steamrollers’ main drawback. When you use them, one of your hands will smell like cannabis smoke. This may or may not dissipate when you wash your hands.

If you have to rejoin the real world and want to minimize this, try a simple salt or sugar scrub. Either pick up a nice one from a bath and body shop or drugstore or reach for an industrial, granulated hand cleaner. That may help you feel more manly.

Chances are, your hands need exfoliating anyway. You’re welcome.

What Is A Steamroller And Why Do You Need One?

Do you really need us to twist your arm to buy smoking accessories? We didn’t think so. If you have a steamroller, pull it out and show it some love. If you don’t, consider picking one up.

You just might love it as much as we do.

Peace out, Ponies.