Sophisticated Edibles: Potheads Turn Foodie

Sophisticated Edibles: Potheads Turn Foodie

Edibles are elevated, fam. We don't have to choke down a dank, leafy brownie to feel that body buzz and super psychoactive state. You can feed your he

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Edibles are elevated, fam. We don’t have to choke down a dank, leafy brownie to feel that body buzz and super psychoactive state. You can feed your head with cannabis infused food from soup to your after dinner mint. We’re here to explore sophisticated edibles.

Why Edibles?

Eating marijuana produces different effects than smoking or vaping it. These effects aren’t radically different, however. They generally feel more intense and even a little hallucinogenic. This is because your body accesses and transforms the cannabis into a different compound.

Smoking cannabis results in a compound called delta-9 THC while eating it results in delta-11 THC. Therefore, some people chow down on cannabis to get lifted in that special way.

Others want to receive the medical benefits or cognitive effects of cannabis without the dangers of combustion. Eating pot infused food isolates you from any negative smoking effects.

Finally, some growers use their trimmings to create THC infused food and this salvages product that would otherwise go to waste.

Eating cannabis edibles also creates a slower uptake that lasts longer. For this reason, it’s useful to people using cannabis for chronic pain.

Sophisticated Edibles

There are a few notable examples of the changing face of cannabis edibles.

Expert Edible Candy

Expert chocolate maker Chuck Higgins is in the news for stepping into the world of medical marijuana edibles. He is the former owner of C.G. Higgins Confections. After selling the business and entering semi-retirement, Higgins hooked up with MexiCann Natural Medicine where he now makes THC infused candy and fudge.

Higgins isn’t the only experimental cannabis candy maker. Cannabakers and confectioners are making everything from THC cake pops to artisan truffles.

Action Bronson

Action Bronson is a chef turned rapper turned culinary media personality who hangs out a lot with Mario Batali. Batali is a world famous chef with a restaurant in NYC. Watching these two come together is pretty much magic since they appear to possess very different personalities.

For some background, Bronson is a cannabis enthusiast. He often smokes during his videos while he cooks up some tasty chow. These vids are incredibly entertaining so let’s drop one right here.

This video features cannabis in the kitchen. Watch closely for the moment the two chefs lightly infuse a dish with cannabis smoke. Interesting take on edibles!

Recipes And Inspiration For Edibles

If you want to try your hand at creating some elevated edibles, you can find recipes online.

Learn to make your own THC infused butter or oil to add to anything you like. Cooking is all about experimentation.

When that’s down pat, try something more adventurous like this cannabis infused tomato soup recipe that went viral online.

At that point, tell Betty Crocker if she don’t like your fire, stay out of the kitchen and hit the mega cannabis recipe resource. This page is one stop shopping to get you started on your elevated edibles journey.

Bon appetite, potheads!

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