How To Roll A Joint Like A Pro

How To Roll A Joint Like A Pro

We all know that guy. Maybe you are that guy. You're a frequent smoker but whenever the time comes to roll one up, you're baffled by how to roll a joi

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We all know that guy. Maybe you are that guy. You’re a frequent smoker but whenever the time comes to roll one up, you’re baffled by how to roll a joint like a pro. It goes something like this.

Somebody breaks out, but it’s shake or there is a die-hard joint smoker in your circle. Maybe you’re the host of the party, but for some reason a friend suggests that you twist it up.

It’s embarrassing and causes social anxiety. We’re here to stop all that and to teach you how to roll a joint with the best of them.

Common Joint Problems

Forget OPP, this is CJP: common joint problems. We’ve all had them at some time or another.


Pinners are generally too small and too tight. The term can, however, refer to a thin joint under any circumstances. You typically get a pinner if you haven’t put enough cannabis in the joint. Sometimes, however, a pinner is practical. If you’re on the go or alone, it may be all you need. Dope for one, please!

If someone says you’ve rolled a pinner and they sound aggressive about it, it’s probably an insult. Otherwise, you’re good.

Too Tight

A joint that is packed or rolled too tightly won’t smoke well. It may not smoke at all, in fact. At that point, you might as well light dollar bills on fire since everything is going up in wasted smoke.

Too Loose

If you manage to roll a joint that is sealed but way too loose, it will cone up the side. This is basically a fact of life. You can try to tamp the marijuana into the joint more firmly once it’s rolled, but this could go either way.

Too Soggy

If you have a tip or crutch to slap on your joint you don’t have to worry about the slobber etiquette the people you’re with possess. Otherwise, let’s everyone try to keep the end dry, shall we?

Proper Technique To Roll A Joint Perfectly

For consistent results, you want to implement a good strategy first. Next, you want to repeat the same procedure as consistently as possible. You can practice with some of your own stash or even regular tobacco. Rolling a joint isn’t quite the same as rolling a cigarette, but you’ll still gain some experience and muscle memory.

Perfect Joints Step 1:

Gather your supplies. You need high quality rolling papers. You also need a grinder, preferably a crutch, and obviously a lighter.

Perfect Joints Step 2:

This step is for strategy. Do you want to roll a straight joint or a cone shaped joint? Your choice governs how you arrange the cannabis in the paper.

To roll a straight joint, distribute an even layer to cannabis in the center of the paper. Gently fold the paper in half around the cannabis until it just creases. Roll the cannabis with your thumb and forefinger to shape and pack it slightly.

For a cone shaped joint, the procedure is similar. In this case, however, you want to spread the cannabis out slightly toward one end. It will look like a graduated line in the paper. You also fold the paper differently around the cannabis; diagonally.

Pro Tip: if your cannabis holds its tube shape when you set the paper down on the table, you’ll have more luck. Try to tighten the cannabis better if you don’t achieve this effect the first time.

Perfect Joint Step 3:

For a cone joint, start turning the narrow end of the tube with the crutch in it away from you. If your technique is on, this method almost rolls itself. If the paper bunches up on you, use your other hand to gently pull the paper from the wide end of the cone. This is the tip of the joint, just for better reference.

For straight tube joints, the procedure is the same again, and yet different. I know, right? You have to keep proper tension with your fingers while you roll the cannabis and paper. It’s easier with a crutch but still a bit tricky. Practice makes perfect.

Every roll tightens and shapes your cannabis. Take your time with this step.

Perfect Joint Step 4:

Now it’s time to lick and tuck. Moisten the adhesive strip on the rolling paper and prepare for your final, epic roll. Remember to keep your tension consistent and tug at the tip if you need to straighten things out. Also remember that you are rolling the paper from the crutch, not the middle of the joint. This makes achieving perfection easier.

Watch It

This is the sort of thing you have to see to get down with. Here is a twist on the classic joint; back rolling a dutch street joint.

Keep it continental out there, ‘heads.