How To Roll A Blunt Perfectly

How To Roll A Blunt Perfectly

How'dya do, how-toers. Back again for more tips on rolling it up after the how to roll a joint article, are we? Welcome back and pull up a chair for t

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How’dya do, how-toers. Back again for more tips on rolling it up after the how to roll a joint article, are we? Welcome back and pull up a chair for the scoop on twisting one up like a pro. Today’s topic is how to roll a blunt.

No longer will you shudder in fear at parties, hoping nobody asks you to roll the dutch. This guide is nearly foolproof.

Why Roll A Blunt

If you love to smoke out of glass it can be difficult to understand anyone’s love for joints, blunts and spliffs. There are some attractive things about passing around a well rolled blunt that you must consider. Let’s review the pros and cons.

Roll A Blunt Pro 1: Discretion

Ever tried to pass a bowl around without being spotted? It isn’t exactly easy. While it’s true that someone could sniff you out, it’s not immediately apparent that you’re smoking marijuana. This works even better if you’re alone. Otherwise, the circle of others may give you away.

Roll A Blunt Con 1: Cost

It takes a lot of bud to roll a good joint. It’s best when a few friends are also throwing in.

Roll A Blunt Pro 2: Economy Of Motion

You only spark the blunt once and if it’s rolled well it should last quite a while. You can provide for several friends at once with relatively minimal fuss and effort.

Roll A Blunt Con 2: The Soggy End

You live and you learn with this blunt problem. Avoid friends who don’t know how to keep their saliva to themselves or bring a tip along in your travel rig.

Roll A Blunt Pro 3: Taste

Many people enjoy the taste of a blunt, especially a real one instead of the green apple flavored wrapper you grabbed at the corner store. No hating on that, however- we’ve all been there.

Roll A Blunt Con 3: The Buzz

Smoking your cannabis out of tobacco leaf delivers some nicotine into the experience. Some people enjoy this and others have no interest in adding an extra substance to the mix. This is up to you and your preferences.

Essentially, do or die, it’s up to you with your choice in smoking your cannabis by blunt or by bowl.

How To Roll A Blunt

Enough with the formalities. Let’s learn how to roll a big, beautiful blunt.

  1. Grind your bud up fine but not to a dust. It is important that it’s mostly uniform size so take some care with this step or you’ll regret it later.
  2. Cut your cigar lengthwise down one side so you can gently peel it open to remove the tobacco inside. Be gentle during this step or you’ll rip the cigar and have to get a new one. You don’t have to be perfect. You can use your fingers to split the cigar efficiently as well.
  3. Moisten the blunt wrap by licking it and press any rips together to seal them.
  4. Spread your ground marijuana evenly inside the blunt.
  5. Start shaping the blunt by folding and rolling upward around the bud inside. Keep a tight tension with your fingers while you do this for a well formed, perfectly smokable blunt.
  6. Lick the edge of the blunt to seal it. Keep some tension with your fingers while you do this and hold it for a few seconds.
  7. Pack any space at the end with more cannabis. A straw or pen comes in handy here.
  8. Let the blunt dry or hold the lighter under it and slowly spin it over the flame. Be careful not to light it on fire or you’ll never live it down.

Watch Hot New Hip Hop’s How To Roll A Blunt – With RiFF RaFF for some expert blunt rolling instructions with a special twist or two.

Light it up and enjoy!

If you are working with a wrapper that didn’t start out as a cigar, you can still follow steps 3-8. Consult our joint rolling article for more helpful perspectives.