The Rocket Review – Rocket Keychain Grinder & One Hitter

The Rocket Review – Rocket Keychain Grinder & One Hitter

The Rocket Review - Rocket Keychain Grinder & One-Hitter Ok, Ponies, we're excited to tell you about The Rocket Keychain, a covert way to get l

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The Rocket Review – Rocket Keychain Grinder & One-Hitter

Ok, Ponies, we’re excited to tell you about The Rocket Keychain, a covert way to get lifted on the go. This innovative gadget is surprisingly functional. Its design shows a lot of planning and that attention to detail takes this device from a novelty to a valuable asset.

Rocket Review: What Is The Rocket?

Rocket review

The incredibly nice folks at The Rocket sent this over so we could try it out. Here is how it looks fresh out of the package. As you can see, you get The Rocket itself, a nice cloth carry bag, a simple instruction card and some additional screens.

The unit is well constructed of predominately stainless steel. A faux leather, slightly foamy material affixed to the container is the only thing that feels a bit ‘cheap.’ Before we tested it out, that turned us off a little but as you’ll see the functionality is totally there with this product. Once we saw how well The Rocket works, the aesthetics seemed a lot less important.

One genuine criticism is how easily the top of the grinder separates from the rest of The Rocket. It would be awesome if the grinder and lid were magnetized enough to stick to eachother. They fall just short of that, although there is a very weak magnetic connection. This could simply be from coming into contact with something that magnetized it during shipping.

Regardless, the grinder lid will fall off The Rocket so if you’re taking it on the go, using it as a keychain might not be the best option. We recommend cleaning the grinder out well and popping the whole thing into the carry bag and then your pocket. This will keep your pocket free of shake and solve this minor, pesky issue.

Rocket 2

Rocket Review: How To Use The Rocket

Operation is super simple. Take a  little weed and pop it in the grinder. Make sure the rest of The Rocket is together, but don’t add the additional screen just yet. As you grind, the small tube in the center of the container will automatically fill with weed. You’ll see that in a second from a photo we took.

Any overflow ends up in the container, meaning you can use The Rocket as it’s intended or as a handy on-the-go grinder.

Rocket 3

Full disclosure: sometimes the tube does not fill up. It’s surprisingly easy to funnel the ground cannabis from the container into the tube, however so don’t distress. 8 times out of 10 the tube fills just fine and it’s a one-step procedure.

I’m very impressed with the grind itself, something I didn’t expect from a multi-use, novelty product. I’ve used The Rocket several times as a grinder alone because of it.


rocket 5

Now it’s time to actually take a hit. The bottom of The Rocket has a small cone-shaped metal piece which serves as the mouth of the one-hitter. Just unscrew the bottom cone and the whole tube will come right out. The tube has a screen inside that you can remove and replace if you want to clean it. In fact, the tube itself unscrews into three pieces. You’ll find this attention to detail in all aspects of The Rocket. It completely disassembles for incredibly easy cleaning.


Once the tube is filled, it looks something like this.


The rest isn’t rocket science- just hit that ish!

That extra screen is to pop on under the grinder, by the way. It’s completely optional.

The Rocket Review: Is The Rocket 420 Pony Approved?

After using this device for a week, we all felt it was one of the best one-hitters we’ve ever used. The tube does get hot if you manage to hit it 2 – 3 times, but it cools off very fast so we didn’t find this a big issue. It’s super easy to clear out and clean and looks pretty cute overall. The funnel design makes it very easy to deposit your ground leaf into a bowl, bong or vape, too.

Not only would I buy one with my own dough, I am keeping The Rocket in mind as a great gift for my friends as occasions roll around.

So the final verdict is, check out The Rocket and see for yourself! It does everything it claims and it does it quite well.

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