Are Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges Safe?

Are Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges Safe?

Are Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges Safe? It is well established that vaping is safer than smoking cannabis. Unfortunately, if you're vaping pre-filled

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Are Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges Safe?

It is well established that vaping is safer than smoking cannabis. Unfortunately, if you’re vaping pre-filled vape cartridges, new information suggests it’s not that simple. According to news out of California, some pre-filled vape cartridges may contain heavy metals like lead.

This is obviously very concerning to many of us. In fact, it leaves people wondering what they should do. First, we’ll cover the news. After that, we’ll let you know what we’re considering as a way to combat this risk.

Are Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges Safe: High Times Breaks The Story

We caught wind of this development from High Times and quickly read up on it.

According to HT, new testing requirements in CA reveal that carts are testing positive for lead and other things which are leaching out of the carts. Cheap carts from China appear to be to blame as product tests ok before it’s loaded in. Subsequent testing reveals unacceptable levels.

According to an industry insider quoted in the article, almost every cartridge tested has lead in it. Furthermore, there isn’t a good domestic supply of cartridges to choose from that negate the problem.

Are Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges Safe: The Quick Takeaway

Basically, people buying pre-filled carts have been probably ingesting heavy metals and some of the producers knew it. This concern is the direst with cheaper cartridges, but it’s too early to say how many pre-filled carts may be affected.

We’ve suggested before that you just can’t be sure what’s inside those carts and now information is flowing which proves that.

Are Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges Safe: The Solution

The only solution we can see at this stage is to fill your own tanks. You’ll still need to do your own research to ascertain which refillable tanks are the safest. Unfortunately, many of even the most popular refillable tanks are also coming from overseas. Hopefully, these more expensive systems offer safer products.

We are going to do what we can in the coming days to see what we can find out about this issue. With luck, we’ll be bringing you some information about how reusable atomizer tanks and sub-ohm tanks stack up.

Are Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges Safe: How To Make Your Own Vape Juice

We’ve covered making your own THC or CBD infused vape juice before, and we refer you to those articles for a complete rundown. Briefly, however, there are some products on the market that help turn your concentrates into ejuice.

We choose Wax Liquidizer as our favorite of the bunch and made it our Product of the Year back in 2016. We still favor that company because they’re transparent about their ingredients (no company will give you their entire formula, but Wax Liquidizer shares more than most), they’re very affordable, and their system is the easiest to use.

It only takes a few minutes to mix up a batch. Furthermore, this will save you quite a bit of money versus buying pre-filled carts.

Are Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges Safe: The Savings Also Add Up

Wax Liquidizer claims you can turn $35 of concentrate (a gram) into over $200 worth of carts. This is based on the idea that most pre-filled carts are .5ml and it typically takes 2ml of their product to liquidize your gram of wax.

You need a little heat to help the two combine. Once it’s mixed, you simply load it into your tank and you’re ready for lift off.

Are Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges Safe: Protect Your Health

Honestly, there are no cost savings that compares to avoiding heavy metal poisoning. However, it doesn’t hurt that this solution is actually cheaper.

We will be back with an update about this issue as soon as possible.

Please share this news (this article, or the one from High Times) with your vaping friends. Their health depends on it!