Medical Cannabis In Denmark

Medical Cannabis In Denmark

According to a new study in Denmark, four out of every five respondents support the legalization of medical cannabis. Medical cannabis in Denmark earn

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According to a new study in Denmark, four out of every five respondents support the legalization of medical cannabis. Medical cannabis in Denmark earned a huge share of the people’s support and a trial rolls out in early 2018.

What does this mean for recreational decriminalization? Want to learn more about the planned trial? 420 Pony has the goods.

The Data On Medical Cannabis In Denmark

Analyse Denmark is a native research agency who performed the study.  1,040 Danish people joined the sample group of respondents.

80% of people in the survey favor medical cannabis in Denmark. Another 15% had no opinion on the subject. Only the remaining 5% of the respondents did not support medical cannabis.

This is really great news for many patients living in Denmark. Recreational users don’t have as easy a time, though.

Recreational Cannabis In Denmark

Unfortunately, the numbers in the study aren’t so good for cannabis’ recreational use. Only 36% of the people surveyed were for total legalization.

The Danes aren’t quite ready for cannabis to on every corner. That hasn’t affected their willingness to consider it medicine, however.

This is a mature view of the subject. With a little luck, though, they’ll come to embrace the benefits and understand the myths about marijuana. The pending trials of medical cannabis in Denmark could pave the way.

Self Medicating In Denmark

Even some of the recreational use in Denmark traces back to medical conditions. For instance, a Danish citizen and activist was arrested in October 2016 for dealing cannabis. His clientele was cancer patients.

He suffers from osteoarthritis himself and claims edibles help him manage his condition. He cites cancer, sclerosis and fibromyalgia among his client’s conditions.

It’s difficult to know how many tokers in Denmark are trying to treat themselves. However, it makes sense to seek out help where you can, provided it’s safe.

The 2018 Trials of Medical Cannabis In Denmark

A four year trial is scheduled in Denmark to study the effects of medical cannabis. The trial begins Jan. 1, 2018 and patients will be pre-selected.

The trial includes patients with:

  • MS,
  • chronic pain,
  • spinal cord injuries, or
  • nausea caused by cancer treatment.

Medical Cannabis In Europe

If Denmark’s policies expand to include medical cannabis, it will join Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands among European countries with legal medical cannabis.

We have also profiled Ireland’s changing approach to cannabis as well as Sweden’s small advancements. Israel even appears on the cusp of recreational legalization.

Medical Cannabis in Denmark And Beyond

We predict that even more countries will join these fearless five in blazing true trails in cannabis consumption. Public opinion is clearly shifting and people are exploring alternative treatments. Additionally, eating or vaping cannabis provides treatment with little to zero risk at all.

Marijuana truly is medicine and we can’t wait to bring you more news from the international front.

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