How To Make Cannabis Oil For Medical Treatment

How To Make Cannabis Oil For Medical Treatment

You're probably hip to the crush of alternative media attention that cannabis oil has been getting. On the one hand there are recreational users who e

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You’re probably hip to the crush of alternative media attention that cannabis oil has been getting. On the one hand there are recreational users who enjoy shatter, wax, hash, PHO and BHO because these concentrates deliver a high concentration of euphoric THC. On the other hand there are people who want to consume cannabis oil high in CBD for its medicinal properties. We’re here to take a closer look at how to make cannabis oil for medical treatment.

To really understand the differences between THC and CBD, check our our previous article on the subject as well. In it, the 420 Pony goes in depth about how CBD affects the body to produce healing effects.

Even if you are new to this discussion, we’re going to break it down for you so keep reading.

To Make Cannabis Oil For Medical Treatment Start With CBD Dominant Strains

CBD is a powerful cannabinoid that has a strong impact on the body. It doesn’t produce the euphoric, intoxicating effects that THC does, however. This is one reason it’s favored in medical settings.

Every strain of marijuana is different and growers are catering to the medical community by growing CBD dominant strains. This is a relatively new trend as previously, growers were on a quest for the highest THC percentage possible.

If you have access to medical marijuana where you live, there are CBD heavy strains in your local dispensary. If not, talk to the employees or proprietor and explain your situation. They can probably bring some in for you.

Sativa vs. Indica

Sativa cannabis strains are known for their energizing effects and are often described as ‘heady’ because of the strong mental buzz they produce. Indica strains are more relaxing. They’re go to sleep or melt into the sofa kind of strains, for instance.

According to Rick Simpson, hailed as a thought leader in the medical cannabis oil community, Indica strains are the best suited for medicinal use. Rick has blazed new trails in cannabis oil treatment and you’ll see more of his advice when it comes to actually making the oil.

How To Make Cannabis Oil For Medical Treatment

If you read our post about making bubble hash, you understand the general procedure for making any cannabis oil. You need a solvent that is pushed through cannabis plant material with enough pressure or force to separate the resins from the plant. The resins contain the cannabinoids you’re ultimately after.

The process then proceeds to a straining phase where the concentrate is filtered multiple times.

With bubble hash, the solvent is water. After a good old thrash and strain, you simply dry the trichomes and apply a little pressure and you’re ready to use the hash. But with cannabis oil made with a chemical solvent like butane, you need to evaporate the solvent with some heat.

This can be a bit dangerous, which is why your best bet is to follow the detailed instructions on Rick Simpson’s page on how to make cannabis oil. He gives a very detailed account about how to make cannabis oil for medical treatment in your own home.

Cannabis Oil Treatment

If the strain you’ve selected is CBD dominant, you won’t experience many mental effects from using your cannabis oil. If you are looking for mental and physical relief together with a little relaxation or altered state of consciousness, you’ll get both from a more balanced strain. However you choose to treat your way to wellness with cannabis, cannabis oil is worth exploring.

Your treatment is largely up to you and your doctor. It’s also more convenient and safer for many patients to purchase BHO or PHO directly. If you don’t have easy access to medicinal cannabis oil and want to make it yourself, you have a roadmap to follow.

Additional Resources About Medicinal Cannabis And Cannabis Oil

Sending healing vibes to all of you in the 420 Pony family. Be aware, be well, be whole.