All About The LEVO Cannabis Infuser

All About The LEVO Cannabis Infuser

The Levo Cannabis Infuser Have you seen the Levo Cannabis Infuser machine? It looks like a coffee machine but brews up something infinitely more in

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The Levo Cannabis Infuser

Have you seen the Levo Cannabis Infuser machine? It looks like a coffee machine but brews up something infinitely more interesting. Easily turn ordinary cooking, aromatherapy or homeopathic oils into cannabis-infused ingredients in a press and forget automated system. Skip the smelly mess that infusion usually creates. The LEVO makes the whole process self-contained and very simple.

Why The Levo Cannabis Infuser

Christina Bellman, the founder and CEO of the Denver based company LEVO, has been a firsthand witness to the pitfalls of stovetop infusion after an experience living abroad in shared housing. The process is traditionally messy and very aromatic. There had to be a better way. Inspired by her roommates’ attempt at infusing their own cannabis oil, Bellman began doing research on the infusion process. She ultimately invented a simpler, seamless approach to achieve much more control. That approach is the LEVO and it could change your life.

How Do I Use The Levo Cannabis Infuser?

Using the LEVO really is similar to making coffee. The machine needs a few simple instructions and then goes about its business.

The top part of the machine opens to reveal a little compartment that holds the oil you are infusing. A cylindrical basket holds the marijuana submerged in the oil or butter. The machine takes things from there.

LEVO stirs the products with the magnetic technology found in medical laboratories. Over time, the LEVO extracts the flavor, color, scent, and nutrition of the cannabis into the oil of your choice. There is also an automatic dispensing and filtration system for transfer into a glass jar for storage. There is a kid-proof lock for added safety and a built-in ventilation system to cut down on telltale odors.

Curious about dosing? LEVO also offers bundle packages which include tCheck, a mobile cannabinoid tester, that can almost instantly measure the potency of butter, olive oil, coconut oil, or perhaps alcohol within forty five seconds or even less. The LEVO infuses up to sixteen ounces of oil or a minimum of five ounces per use.

Cleaning the machine is additionally a painless and simple process, because of the removable, dishwasher safe reservoir that easily pops in and out as needed.

When customers order their LEVO, a comprehensive manual with instructions regarding how to run the machine is provided and there’s a time and temperature calculator available online to help tailor the experience on the specific ingredients.

Using The LEVO Cannabis Infuser For Creams

LEVO isn’t just for food. Use it to make all natural beauty products in addition to homemade topicals too. It can handle tinctures as well, although this requires a well-ventilated area (because of the alcohol) and careful temperature control between 130 – 160 Fahrenheit.

This is a state of the art machine delivering real results. Can you make infused THC oils without the LEVO? Absolutely! Will the LEVO save you time and effort? There is no question that it will. LEVO is worth the cost for anyone who prefers eating their marijuana for the cleanest effects.

Have you tried the LEVO?