Israel Moves To Decriminalize Recreational Marijuana

Israel Moves To Decriminalize Recreational Marijuana

Israel's cabinet is making moves to decriminalize recreational marijuana. Why should you care? Because cannabis and the laws behind it are an internat

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Israel’s cabinet is making moves to decriminalize recreational marijuana. Why should you care? Because cannabis and the laws behind it are an international issue. The more the world turns toward understanding the benefits of one of our favorite herbs, the closer we all come to being able to puff loud and proud.

Let’s dissect the situation in Israel and what it means to the global cannabis community.

Israel’s Medical Marijuana Research

In case you aren’t aware, Israel has been at the front of the study of marijuana as a healing plant. In fact, Israel is significantly ahead of the US in terms of research into the medical use of pot. While the FDA won’t allow labeling on cannabis products to include any health claims because of a lack of clinical trials, those trials are prohibited because pot is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug.

This catch 22 doesn’t exist in Israel and the country is a good example of how medical cannabis research is the gateway to decriminalizing marijuana in general.

Israel’s Cabinet Considers Decriminalization of Recreational Marijuana

This is the climate in Israel which is leaning toward cannabis friendly. That is shaping policy in the country in a good way for smokers.

The Cabinet has passed a plan to switch jail time for fines for those caught using or possessing marijuana for personal use. Growing and selling cannabis will remain a jail-able offense, however. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, is on record explaining he wants to foster the potential for cannabis to bring a new wave of healing while balancing the potential dangers of misuse.

In spite of that sentiment, he supports the proposition to decriminalize recreational marijuana use in the country.

Currently, 25,000 Israeli citizens have medical marijuana permits and that figure will probably increase as more of the population of almost 9 million people learn that cannabis can be perfectly safe.

Will The Proposal Pass?

While this plan is through the Cabinet, the Parliament must give its approval before anything rolls out. Even if it passes, there is still a potential for jail time for repeat offenders.

Anyone with 4 citations receive an increasing fine from $250 upwards and criminal charges. Nothing’s perfect, after all.

According to the New York Times, Israeli authorities generally ignore cannabis use as it is. They are known to use the arm of the law to disrupt dealers and growers, however.

What Does Israeli’s Shift Mean For US Efforts To Decriminalize Recreational Marijuana?

While we cannot draw a direct line from international policy to domestic laws, it’s a good sign. The concept of critical mass is at play here and we are creeping every closer.

It’s already proven that most US citizens support the decision to decriminalize recreational marijuana as well as medical cannabis. In fact the numbers of supporters for both medical and recreational pot are rising with each and every poll.

Israel isn’t the only country easing up on cannabis laws. Ireland and Sweden are in the news for their changes in cannabis policy. Even in the US, more states are considering decriminalization and full legalization of cannabis.

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