How To Twax

How To Twax

How to twax: take your joints to the next level with this amped up technique. According to the internet, the elusive @TWAXGang originated the term and

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How to twax: take your joints to the next level with this amped up technique. According to the internet, the elusive @TWAXGang originated the term and the style as well. Since @TWAXGang is now just a ghost on the internet, that fact remains shrouded in mystery. This is something you may want to add into your cannabis routine, however. It would make a great party favor to pass around the next time you and your friends have something to celebrate.

What is a twax, you ask? While it sounds like a Dr. Seuss character, it’s actually the act of adding some cannabis concentrate to cannabis flower and smoking both. You can twax a bowl, blunt or joint and use any concentrate you prefer.

Let’s look a bit closer as your cool points skyrocket.

How To Twax: What Does Twaxing Look Like?

If you’re using wax or BHO, you’ll add thin ropes or drips of concentrate. Conversely, adding crumble will be a bit more like… crumbs. This isn’t really something that requires a lot of information. The explanation is really in the visuals.


If you want to see that done step-by-step, Ruff House Studios has a vid for that!

What The Twax? Benefits of Twaxing

Obviously, a twaxed situation is going to send you flying high. You’ll find yourself betwixt the twax and the sluggish hands of time, suspended in an uplifting haze of bliss.

I really just wanted to use betwixt and twax in the same sentence.

So the first benefit is obvious: you’re going to get really high. There are a few additional bonuses as well.

For instance, if you have some wax but not a dab rig or a vape pen, you can still enjoy it by twaxing. Furthermore, you can technically twax with kief, something almost everyone can get their hands on.

4 Great Internet Twaxes: Twax Wins

While lighting up a twaxy is a good time, twax rolled joints are awesome to look at too. At least when they’re done with a bit of skill.

Here are our 4 favorite twaxes currently on the internet.

1: Twaxing Artistic with SheSmokesJoints

This is arty stoner perfection. Between the artfully placed tattoo, beautiful joint and portrait in the background this is instaperfect.

2: Twax Honey


twax 1

This looks so tasty it’s borderline insane. Art in a whole different context!

3: Twaxflix And Chill?

twax flicks and chill


Is it a snail? Is it a little guy with bubble hands loungin on his belly? Could it be an alien duck head with strange probes coming out of its chest? I’m pretty sure it’s a snail and whatever it is it’s impressive!

4: Cosmic Twaxhole

twax 4

It’s a blackhole of twax and a beautiful thing to behold. The sheer amount of colors here are stunning. Nature can sure do incredible stuff.

Twaxing On Social Media

A few of those images came out of message boards and still more off social media. If you find you like looking at twaxing as much as you like donig it, pop it into Pinterest and you’re welcome.