What Is High Stress Training Cannabis

What Is High Stress Training Cannabis

What Is High Stress Training Cannabis High stress training cannabis involves high stress or even damaging conditions that disrupt a plant's natural

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What Is High Stress Training Cannabis

High stress training cannabis involves high stress or even damaging conditions that disrupt a plant’s natural growth. Growers manipulate a plant’s environment or the plant itself during high stress training. Understandably, this seems very counterintuitive to some growers. However, there are several benefits to high stress training. Our goal is to explain the technique and introduce you to those benefits.

Just prepare yourself for some shocking tips!

Why Should You Consider High Stress Training Cannabis?

High stress training causes chemical changes in the plant that positively influence growth from a grower’s perspective. In short, when a plant believes its life is in danger and this occurs during the vegetative stage, it hurriedly assures the survival of the plant’s flowers and seeds. What this means in cannabis terms is multiple colas, bigger colas, more potent buds and bushier plant growth.

High stress training also alters a growth hormone called auxin. Through manipulation, growers coax plants to develop more than just one towering cola. Lower areas on the plant will burst into blossom.

Who doesn’t want that, right?

High Stress Training Cannabis: What About Low Stress Training?

Low stress training is a milder, less disruptive form of manipulating your plants for greater yields. It frequently means bending plants, lagging them to a screen, topping them or eliminating food or light at specific times.

LST can be very effective and is ideal for growers who find hgih stress training distasteful or too much effort.

Neither is objectively better than the other. Choosing the right technique for you is a personal choice. Additionally, your growing space and conditions may dictate one method over the other.

How To Go About High Stress Training Cannabis

Check the method.

Leafly includes topping in their high stress training, so this method kind of does double duty. Topping involves snipping off upper growth in very young plants. This encourages them to bush out, allows more light to reach lower areas of the plant to encourage blooms, and encourages multiple cola growth.

FIM is a type of topping but its much more specific. You’re encouraging growth in specific areas so the top growth only remains. Conversely, topping removes an entire area at a node. FIM leaves more of the stem intact. It is riskier because it invites more infection because the cut isn’t clealy at the node.

Super Cropping requires bending and breaking stems (without breaking the plant until it ‘bleeds’). This sends the damage signal to the plant encouraging growth as with the other methods. Additionally, it lets more light hit the lower portion of the plant.

Are You High Stress Training Cannabis?

Do you use these methods on your own plants? What kind of results have you seen? If you’re new to this concept, do you think you’ll be trying it in the future?

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