What Happens If You Give Up Marijuana?

What Happens If You Give Up Marijuana?

What Happens If You Give Up Marijuana? Editor's Note: This post is an account from an anonymous friend of the website who has some interesting i

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What Happens If You Give Up Marijuana?

Editor’s Note:

This post is an account from an anonymous friend of the website who has some interesting information to share. It’s a unique circumstance and we invite you to gain a whole new perspective on what cannabis actually does for you.

Want To Give Up Marijuana? Here’s My Story

I’m a woman in my mid-thirties who recently stopped using cannabis cold turkey. I didn’t wean my body off this substance it’s gotten a steady stream of for the past 10 years. I smoked my face off right up until I stopped and haven’t touched the stuff since.

Some really surprising things have happened. I feel they gave me a greater insight into what cannabis did for me and an appreciation of the medicinal value of the plant. Although I always knew cannabis was helping with some of my issues and health concerns, I also believed I was mainly a recreational user.

Now I know the two aren’t so easily separated.

What Made Me Give Up Marijuana?

The simple answer is love. Thankfully, my partner is not a controlling jerk or a teetotaler. He just happens to live somewhere in the world that is not cannabis friendly. After doing the long distance thing for 4 years, it was time to start our life together.

Unfortunately, that meant giving up cannabis.

I was happy to do this, or at least completely willing. I expected some adverse effects but am actually surprised by what bothers me the most now that I’m five months sober.

Give Up Marijuana? Why Did I Use Cannabis?

I used cannabis because it was fun and to help me unwind. In the past, I’ve had problems relaxing but don’t enjoy legitimate pharmaceutical intervention.

In the past, I was diagnosed with anxiety and took antidepressant medication for a very short time.

My symptoms are primarily the inability to sleep, the inability to relax, heart palpitations, some GI issues, rosacea flare-ups, hormonal PCOS complications, and the very occasional panic attack.

Several years ago, my mother passed away and I’ve often said I ‘got stoned and stayed that way’ as a tool to help manage the surreal experience of losing a parent. I do feel that I processed the event and moved appropriately through my stages of grief.

Obviously, I always held down a job (one many people saw as pretty high functioning) and even started my own business so I could work from home. This made the actual international move much easier to accomplish.

Basically, my anxiety never prevented me from accomplishing what I wanted to do (including fronting a rock band for several years) but it did make my internal experience trying.

Give Up Cannabis – The Symptoms

Now I’m happier than I have ever been and yet I’m coping worse than I have in many years. I’m genuinely surprised by what I now know cannabis was helping with.

Give Up Marijuana For Anxiety And OCD-Like Tendencies

I have never been diagnosed with OCD but do tend toward control freak like behavior when I’m stressed. If something is out of my control, I’ll do some generally pointless organizing or insist on learning about a topic I don’t really need to know about. I don’t love new situations or feeling uncomfortable.

These are all ‘triggers’ for me, more or less.

With cannabis in my life, I could take marijuana and genuinely relax, feeling my perspective shift and expand. Without cannabis, I find myself frequently stuck mentally in the same type of loop, overthinking the most minute detail.

I’ve taken up a few hobbies since moving and while I enjoy them, my interest and involvement quickly get overly intense and feel compulsive.

If I can’t distract myself from my cyclical thoughts with constant media consumption, I feel anxious and irritable which slides into depression and self-criticizing.

My thoughts and behavior are distinctly more compulsive than I remember them being at any point during my cannabis use.

Give Up Marijuana For Insomnia, Nightmares And Trauma Re-Processing

Once the jetlag wore off it became clear that I do have insomnia. I always did prior to using cannabis and it’s back full force now.

It’s difficult to talk about it without touching on the nightmares which require mentioning some trauma in my past. I don’t like to dwell on it, however, I do experience some PTSD-like symptoms (again, never diagnosed, using these terms as descriptives) which include emotional responses to triggers and nightmares about the past or involving the people I associate with the negative events.

Basically, going to sleep is a lot less fun than it used to be! I have managed to establish a routine, the nightmares are more sporadic now, and I give myself permission to take a damn nap during the day if I need to.

Give Up Marijuana For Social Anxiety

I’m a pretty social person but I find myself extremely uncomfortable in crowds and around new people now. This is not something I remember having any problems with in the past.

Granted, I am an ex-pat in a foreign country, but this anxiety extends even to mundane interactions like the grocery store and public transit.

Give Up Marijuana For Hormonal Issues

One of the things that CBD is suspected to ease is hormone imbalances. I can attest to being more out of whack than when I used cannabis daily. While I prefer not to go into great detail about this, the nightmares increase dramatically based on my hormonal cycle and menstruation is more problematic than I experienced as a regular cannabis user.

Likewise with the depression, anxiety, cyclical thoughts, general muscle pain, and fatigue. These are all things I regularly experience surrounding my hormone cycle and they are now more pronounced.

The Takeaway Of My Give Up Marijuana Experience

I’m not writing this for anyone to feel sorry for me. I’m actually doing great. I have an abundant opportunity to really examine myself and all the tools necessary to develop new coping mechanisms that are healthy.

Also, I have a great support system and I’m good.

I am writing this because I have a profound appreciation for what cannabis can do for a person’s quality of life. I don’t believe I experienced any truly negative side effects from using cannabis except for an occasional ‘smoker’s cough’ which has gone away now that I’m dry.

To me, this proves that cannabis is a tool. It is a medicine, and a way to view life in a more positive way. Hopefully, this was an interesting read for any ‘recreational’ users. You might be surprised just how much it’s improving your life.

Even if you don’t have the same problems as me.

Be well and stay happy!