Grow Techniques: What Is Topping

Grow Techniques: What Is Topping

What is topping? If you're curious about growing cannabis or looking to increase your yield, topping is a technique to consider. Let the 420 Pony give

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What is topping? If you’re curious about growing cannabis or looking to increase your yield, topping is a technique to consider. Let the 420 Pony give you a brief overview of this grow technique so you have a starting point for a deeper dive into the details of this popular cannabis cultivation method.

What Is Topping?

Topping is a cannabis grow technique where growers snip off top growth. This is similar to but different from FIMing. FIMing a cannabis plant means you pinch off growth as opposed to cutting it. Additionally, topping and FIMing are different because growers remove slightly different parts of the plant.

Topping a cannabis plant can help shape the plant which results in greater yields and more of those sweet colas. Through topping, a grower can increase the number of colas which results in bigger buds. This occurs because, in part, more light can reach the plant.

A Closer Look At Topping

The first thing to understand about topping is that some plants take to it better than others. While all cannabis plants should increase yield from topping, slower growing strains won’t show explosive growth right away.

Another topping consideration involves when to make the snip. Cutting your cannabis plant early gives you great control. It may also speed up growth overall.

Once you’ve topped your plants, you’ll find you need fewer of them to produce the quantity of cannabis you need. This is particularly helpful for anyone growing for personal medical use in an area where the number of plants allowed is low.

As you can see, topping cannabis plants is a bit like pruning a shrub or any other plant. It causes the plant to bush out and grow in a different shape. Rather than soaring up toward the sky, your plants will spread horizontally.

Topping More Mature Cannabis Plants

If you already have some plants started and are suddenly curious about this grow method, all is not lost. You can top your plants later in their growth period and still see results. Obviously, you don’t want to wait so long that you waste an already developing cola.

Your goal is to snip your plant slightly above nodes. These nodes should grow colas of their own.

As you can see from photos at The Nug, topped plants can churn out some incredible buds! It’s weird and wonderful to see your plant take new shape. It’s also pretty heady to revel in the crop you’ll get from your mature plants.

Other Grow Methods

If you aren’t sold on giving your plants the snip, we’ll be detailing a few other grow methods including stress training and SCROG methods. While we aren’t providing you a comprehensive grow guide, we’re happy to toss some valuable links at you so you can learn more.

Before you can take your growth to new levels, you have to get familiar with the terms and techniques out there. While some of us have access to a mentor, others are still growing underground or taking the plunge for personal use due to medical conditions.

Therefore, you can use this article as a jumping off point to further your education about cannabis. Happy growing, ponies!