Grow Techniques: How To Stress Train Cannabis

Grow Techniques: How To Stress Train Cannabis

Using special grow techniques for cannabis can have multiple benefits. For instance, the right grow technique allows you to harvest more cannabis from

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Using special grow techniques for cannabis can have multiple benefits. For instance, the right grow technique allows you to harvest more cannabis from the same amount of plants. Additionally, grow techniques and methods favor small grow spaces, often ideal for indoor hobby growers. If you’re a new grower, you need a crash course in helpful grow techniques so you can choose the right one for you situation.

What Is Stress Training Cannabis?

Stress training refers to a grow method that exerts specific stress on a plant to produce a larger volume and more potent crop. There are two types of stress training. As you might expect, low stress training is gentler while high stress training is more rigorous. The plant itself is physically manipulated to change how it grows.

Plants are strategically bent or broken near the nodes. In response, the plant produces bushier growth and a more potent cannabis flower. In other words, you’re provoking the plant’s natural defense behavior to get more out of your grow.

Why Should I Stress Train Cannabis?

Stress training cannabis is prized because it increases the yield and potency of plants. Additionally, stress training is well suited to smaller grow spaces. Both low and high stress training is easily customized to your space.

Once you understand the basic mechanics of each method you’ll surely see a plan start to take shape.

LST: Low Stress Training

Learn how to low stress train cannabis for greater yields in smaller spaces. LST is easy: simply secure your plant to a rigid object to train it to grow in a certain way. You can use plant clips or any number of DIY solutions to actually tie your plants down.

Learn even more about how to stress train cannabis with the LST technique from Just Grow It on YouTube.


HST: High Stress Training

High stress training is more aggressive. Since your true goal here is to provoke the plant’s natural defenses, you will gently break or cause mild damage to the structure of your plant’s stems. You may hear this technique called Super Cropping as well.

After breaking or bruising your plant, use grafting tape to wrap it up and guide it where you want by fixing it to another object. Your plant will recover and produce more cannabinoids in response to the close call it had.


Perform both the HST and LST methods while your plants are in the vegetative stage before they flower much (or at all).

If you haven’t already read our breakdown of SCROG growing, the SOG technique, and Topping, you can learn more about alternative techniques by heading there before you leave.

Additional Resources And More Info On How To Stress Train Marijuana

The basics of stress training cannabis aren’t difficult to understand. You’ll probably have lots of questions on the details of these techniques, however. In order to help you find your way, here are some suggestions for continued reading.

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