Grow Techniques: What Is FIM Growing Technique

Grow Techniques: What Is FIM Growing Technique

FIM Growing Technique FIM stands for F*ck I Missed, but that sounds intimidating so don't worry. FIMming is really just a pruning technique to incr

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FIM Growing Technique

FIM stands for F*ck I Missed, but that sounds intimidating so don’t worry. FIMming is really just a pruning technique to increase yields.  Similar to topping, this method involves removing a part of the main stem of a cannabis plant. Legend tells this method was born accidentally when a grower botched a topping job. FIMming is more laid back than topping and a little artistically haphazard. There is bounty in the chaos, however. FIMming plants can quadruple your final results.

FIMming promotes multiple main colas while simeltaneously growing bushier plants. While FIMming can look a little messy, it works! By the conclusion of this grow guide, you’ll be able to start experimenting. It’s much easier than you think to understand.

FIM Growing Technique: When To FIM

As is the case with the majority of training and pruning for increased yield methods, it is better to FIM during vegetative growth. Whenever you clip parts away from your cannabis plants, they’ll be stressed and will require a while to recover from the pruning. This’s the main reason to prune just before the onset of flowering.

In the US it is typical for growers to pinch off the tops from infant cannabis plants barely larger than the seedling stage. Even though this ensures plants are going to grow as bushes, it must be followed by LST and/or a SCROG technique. If you’ve got the hands on experience in all of the above methods, go for it. But for the novice growers or those on a short time frame, it’s not ideal.

European cannabis growers prefer to wait until plants are around 30cm tall before applying pruning for yield methods. Allowing plants 3 – 4 weeks of vegetative growth to get to a good size and develop means they are going to recover from FIMming more quickly. FIMming can be applied anytime in the vegetative phase.

FIM Growing Technique: How To FIM

Despite the name, FIMming is easy. Either pinch or snip 75% of your plants from their main stem. Pinching allows some wiggle room for error which often makes the job more successful overall.

As long as you always FIM in the vegetative stage, you should be fine. By doing this you can gain 4-5 colas per plant.

FIM Growing Technique: Why Should I FIM?

Fimming can be a lot more successful than topping for increasing the yield of marijuana plants. Obviously, four main shoots are much more than the two you get from topping. Furthermore, fimming appears to effect the auxin distribution in marijuana more profoundly than topping. This helps the plant grow more branches as well as tops.

FIMming is an extremely flexible pruning for yield method and also may be combined with other training and pruning methods for even greater yields.

FIM Growing Technique: Do You Even FIM, Though?

Do you FIM your plants? Are you FIMming alone or in conjunction with other methods? Either way, if you FIM you understand why this is a valuable way for growers to get more in less space.