Glass Blunt Review: Testing The Trend

Glass Blunt Review: Testing The Trend

Glass Blunt Review: Testing The Trend While those who favor blunts are the most obvious market for this new smoking innovation, there are advantages

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Glass Blunt Review: Testing The Trend

While those who favor blunts are the most obvious market for this new smoking innovation, there are advantages for all! If you’ve wondered if glass blunts are just a gimmick, wonder no longer! Let 420 Pony break down the glass blunt with all its advantages. We’ll tell you what we didn’t like about it, too.

Now is a great time to remind everyone that you’ll never see an affiliate link here and we do not charge brands for reviews. We do accept product donations to test but will always tell you this up front when it’s the case. Even if we accept a product for review, we are always honest.

That being said, no one paid for this review, we spent our own coin on an off-brand glass blunt, and we’re in love. Find out why!

glass blunt review 1

Isn’t she lovely? Something about the design is so appealing.

Glass Blunt Review: Opening The Box

As mentioned, this is a no-name, generic glass blunt we picked up for $24.99.  Yes, we could have paid less, but this was an impulse purchase in our favorite local smoke shop. Our review is about this style pipe more than the particular one we tested.

In the box, we got the blunt itself: a glass tube with a spiral metal “spine” running through it. The mouthpiece screws onto the end of the metal spiral and attaches to the glass via vacuum action. There isn’t a screen, but instead, there is a built-in perforated metal disc inside the mouthpiece. It works effectively so far!

Additionally, one extra glass tube, two silicone caps that fit the tube, a small silicone funnel to fill the tube, extra O rings, and a cleaning kit were included. The cleaning kit all fits inside the backup tube and the silicone caps keep the contents inside when not in use. The cleaning kit itself is just a tiny brush and wire poker. They look a bit lackluster but they are perfectly suited to their jobs!

A molded foam insert cushions every piece and we slipped that into a small cloth zipper bag for travel.

glass blunt 2

Initial thoughts:

  • The glass is very sturdy and should hold up to some light dropping;
  • The cleaning kit is legit adorable;
  • I paid too much for this and it better wow me; and
  • It’s going to hold a ton of cannabis when fully loaded!

Glass Blunt Review: How To Load A Glass Blunt

The basics are: break up your weed, scoop/funnel it into the empty tube, slowly press/turn the metal spine counter-clockwise to screw it into the cannabis. As it cleaves through your precious weed it will move it down toward the mouthpiece and compact it.

Some pro tips to keep in mind:

  • The more you twist the denser and more compacted the bit at the bottom gets. If you load this incorrectly, you’ll hit a point where you can’t turn the spine anymore because you’ve made a kief puck on the lowest rung.
  • Grind up your weed as fine as you can! This is really the thing that will make or break your experience here.
  • If possible, let your cannabis dry out a bit before loading. I know this is slightly upsetting, but weed that is too dank, wet, gummy, etc is going to be challenging. You can still put it in your glass blunt, but it takes some tamping and time.
  • As you smoke and ash accumulates you’ll see the real advantage of this pipe. First, make sure the embers aren’t burning anymore. Next, turn the bottom of the pipe clockwise. Because of the spiral internal design, the pipe ejects its own ash. It’s so convenient!

Glass Blunt Review: Pros

  • It’s plug and play. Spend a few minutes loading it once a day (or every couple), and toke away. Each hit is fresher than hit 3 of a bowl.
  • This thing does a chillum’s job better than a chillum.
  • No pull through so far! That’s good because the clear tube lets you watch the shooting ember careen in a spiral toward your face. It’s thrilling and not dangerous thanks to the mouthpiece design.
  • It comes apart in many places so it’s easy to clean.
  • The brush does a great job of sweeping the tube out between proper cleanings.
  • I don’t taste any metal.
  • This is a great way to get a little lifted and slowly maintain all day- my preferred way to toke.
  • It will burn weed all the way to the middle of the tube if you can’t ash it regularly for some reason. This is impressive in a pinch.
  • It’s easy to ash and pretty much self-cleaning.
  • The silicone cap for the end is perfect and keeps anything from spilling out in pockets or purses.
  • It works fine even if you don’t fill it.
  • It’s fun to watch the smoke fill up the tube.
  • Would withstand a fall in most circumstances.

Glass Blunt Review Cons:

  • It takes a lot of cannabis to fill it.
  • People assume you’re handing them a gross, dirty hit and you have to convince them to taste themselves.
  • I paid too much for it.

glass blunt 3

I felt like it wanted to be friends with some of the other glassware.

Glass Blunt Review: The Verdict

TBH, I love this thing. Additionally, it’s worth $24 even though I could have gotten it for $15. You can also get it for around $15 if you shop online.

My days of wasting a half-burned bowl because company stopped by are long gone too.

Try a glass blunt asap!