Expansion of CanPay Allows Online Cannabis Sales

Expansion of CanPay Allows Online Cannabis Sales

Expansion of CanPay Allows Online Cannabis Sales Wish you could order up some cannabis in the same way you shop on Amazon? Thanks to CanPay and Jan

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Expansion of CanPay Allows Online Cannabis Sales

Wish you could order up some cannabis in the same way you shop on Amazon? Thanks to CanPay and Jane Technologies, that dream is turning into a reality.

CanPay Allows Online Cannabis Sales: What Is CanPay?

CanPay is the biggest legitimate debit payment option for the cannabis industry. It already boasts a network of more than 200 dispensaries around the country that accepting CanPay in their retail locations. Therefore, its partnership with Jane Tech enriches and expands its established presence.

CanPay currently provides payment services to cannabis markets in seventeen states and will go on to expand to every market where compliant cannabis banking exists.

CanPay Allows Online Cannabis Sales: What Does Jane Technologies Do?

Jane Technologies, Inc. is the cannabis industry’s first comprehensive online marketplace. It provides a confident, simple and safe shopping experience for customers who live in parts of the country with legal cannabis.

The user experience is similar to any online store. Shoppers can browse in real time, compare prices, product popularity and availability. When they’ve made their selection, they can place orders at neighborhood stores for free.

Jane’s robust technology makes it easy for any dispensary to turn their existing site into a completely automated digital storefront. This creates an internet experience where customers access a dispensary’s site to see a live menu and choose what products they want to purchase. Thanks to Jane’s partnership with CanPay, shoppers can complete checkout with simple and secure online payment.

The Jane interface and CanPay checkout experience allow any dispensary with compliant banking in any regulated market across the United States where online ordering and payments are allowed to implement this quickly. Over 450 dispensaries are already on the Jane platform.

CanPay Allows Online Cannabis Sales: What The Partnership Means For Shoppers


By joining forces, Jane Technologies and CanPay are launching the industry’s first integrated ordering platform.

Think Shopify for weed and you’re close to understanding how this marketplace and platform will work.

The ordering platform will accept online payments through CanPay, establishing the first legal electronic payment system for cannabis patients and consumers who want to shop online. The system allows both in store delivery and pickup in areas with legal cannabis.

Previously, the marijuana industry lacked the ability to offer customers a comfortable shopping experience. This is because of existing federal laws as well as the extreme transparency required to enable online payments.

However, this type of familiar online shopping experience is vital to cannabis’ status as legal commerce. As the US cannabis industry expands across the nation, consumers are frequently searching for similar comfort and ease in their cannabis shopping experience.

CanPay Allows Online Cannabis Sales: Knox Medical Is An Early Adopter

Cansortium Holdings, through their brand Knox Medical, leads the way as the very first cannabis retail group to adopt integrated online ordering and payment. In fact, Knox Medical helped co-fund the development of Jane Technologies’ API. In part because of this, such integration became reality.

All Knox Medical dispensaries, located in Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Puerto Rico already accept CanPay as a payment method.