What Is Duby: Flaunt Your Stoner Clout

What Is Duby: Flaunt Your Stoner Clout

Duby is a social network for pot lovers geared toward marijuana where it's green or golden as far as the eye can see. Forget wading through endless st

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Duby is a social network for pot lovers geared toward marijuana where it’s green or golden as far as the eye can see. Forget wading through endless streams of your Aunt Judy’s pug and jump right to tasty #weedporn and the memes.

What Is Duby?

Essentially, Duby is a cross between Instagram and Klout but focused solely on marijuana content.

Like Instagram, photos are king on Duby. Users share something and wait for others to pass it to the next stoner. Conversely, if others don’t like your content, they can put it out. This means they are not passing your creation on to others.

Bummer. That’s what you call a buzzkill.

These actions are easily accomplished by swiping left or right. Small icons on your screen show you which is which so no short term memory needed here.

In addition to all of this sharing, Duby assigns each user a score that represents their influence in the stoner space.

Two users who follow each other can send private messages. Everyone can comment under posts as well.

The more your content is passed, the higher your score rises.

What Is Duby For?

Just like Klout, Duby is perfect for marketers in the cannabis space! Use your score as a metric for your influence with other stoners and leverage that for promotional opportunities.

It’s also a great app for anyone who prefers to keep their family separate and apart from their smoking activity. With Duby, you can log in and stare at incredible buds, share them with your friends, and log off to go about your business.

Finally, as Duby gains traction, cannabis based businesses will flock to it. This makes it a great networking spot as well as a good place to find out about that new pot product your friends haven’t heard of yet.

How To Use Duby

First, you have to sign in and create a profile. This is standard social media stuff. Pick a photo and a description to tell other users why they should follow the hell out of you.

Then, post a ‘duby’ which is what the site calls every post. If others near you like your duby, they’ll pass it on in turn. You can also see other people’s dubys and pass them on or butt them out. Any dubys you snuff out drop out of your feed which displays one post at a time.

The creators see Duby as a gamified social media platform where users are driven to interact with the site in order to increase their score. The higher your duby score is, the more people see your content.

420 Pony Breaks Down Influence On Duby

To completely understand how to use Duby we have to break down influence a bit further. On this social media site, influence falls into two sections.

Personal Influence

Your personal influence on Duby comes from how many users you have passed dubys to. Your activity and overall popularity on the platform defines your personal influence.

Duby Influence

Duby influence on the other hand represents how many other people have seen your duby. The more people share your duby, the more your Duby Influence rises.

If your content is good enough, you could become a featured Duby of the Day. To gain this special treat, you’ve got to attract the attention of the Duby staffers.

Now That You Know What Duby Is, Will You Use It?

420 Pony is live on Duby! Will we see you there?

Hop on and follow us for special announcements, weed memes, and plenty of photos of our favorite plant.