Don’t Sleep On A Brave New Weed Podcast

Don’t Sleep On A Brave New Weed Podcast

You should be listening to A Brave New Weed. It's a podcast all about cannabis news, culture, and the struggle toward legalization. Because we're high

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You should be listening to A Brave New Weed. It’s a podcast all about cannabis news, culture, and the struggle toward legalization. Because we’re highlighting some great cannabis media for you all this week, we couldn’t pass up a chance to shine a spotlight on the hard work these podcasters are doing.

First, check them out on social media. Find A Brave New Weed on Twitter, follow A Brave New Weed on Facebook, peep them on Instagram, and listen to A Brave New Weed podcast on Google Music, iTunes, or at their website.

What Is A Brave New Weed Podcast All About?

A look at recent show titles says a lot. These folks cover complex and fascinating topics like How Cannabis Can Enhance Performance For Athletes, Coders and Creatives. They also conduct interviews with people in the industry who are making moves that matter, like Mike Ray from Bloom Farms. They even cover cannabis and insomnia, which we’ve also discussed here.

The broadcasts are entertaining and informative in part thanks to the personality the hosts bring to the table. It’s always best to get your news from people who know what they’re talking about and know how to communicate them in a way that’s riveting.

Joe Dolce, Matthew Hendershot and Alan Seales are committed to doing just that. If you like what you hear, you can support the show on Patreon for as little as a dollar. That’s way less than a cup of coffee and turns you into an integral part of funding independent media. In fact, for $20.00 a month, you can see your name in the credits which is always satisfying.

Why Cannabis Media Like A Brave New Weed Is Important

For far too long, the media has demonized cannabis and delivered only their perspective. Cannabis users were cast as hippies, stoners, criminals or unproductive members of society. The exact opposite is true, and thanks to the internet we can join this discordant chorus with our own voices.

In spite of this worthy goal, A Brave New Weed isn’t sugar coating the truth or blowing sunshine where the sun don’t shine. They take a realistic look at studies and information emerging on the topics of both recreational and medical cannabis.

This results in a relationship with listeners that they can trust and establishes them as a fine source of cannabis news and content. It also helps to know that the hosts are real people in the cannabis community and not just a talking head delivering a short segment on pot in the news.

Cannabis Podcasts And WeedTube

While publications like High Times, Leafly and Herb still reign supreme in the cannabis media, broadcasts like A Brave New Weed and many of the Cannabis YouTubers we are featuring in an upcoming post are gaining large followings. Video and audio are the new wave in internet media and these individuals are collectively solidifying why content like that is so crucial to educating the public about cannabis.

If you enjoy getting your weed news in streaming format, check them out and stay tuned for more internet personalities who love to puff tough.

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