DIY Rosin With The Nug Smasher

DIY Rosin With The Nug Smasher

In today's cannabis climate, concentrates are all the rage. They're tasty, potent, and readily available in many parts of the US. They're not availabl

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In today’s cannabis climate, concentrates are all the rage. They’re tasty, potent, and readily available in many parts of the US. They’re not available everywhere, however, and that leaves some clamoring for their concentrate connect. Still other smokers shy away from concerns over additives sneaking into BHO style concentrates. DIY rosin is one answer to these pesky problems and it’s easier to make than you think.

What Is Rosin?

The 420 Pony crew already went in deep on what rosin is and how it’s made, but here’s a refresher.

BHO and PHO concentrates are the results of solvent extraction processes. Butane or propane is flushed through the cannabis to draw out terpenes and cannabinoids. These parts of cannabis are what product the effects whether you want to get high or treat and soothe medical conditions.

Although BHO and PHO concentrates like wax, shatter, and oil are refined further so the butane or propane evaporates out of the mixture. After this process, a relatively pure concentrate results. It is difficult to be sure how much residue if any is left, however.

In states where cannabis is legal, there are regulations on how much butane or propane may safely remain in BHO or PHO. In areas where cannabis is still underground it is unfortunately hard to be sure.

Rosin, on the other hand, emerges after heat and pressure force terpenes and cannabinoids out into the open. This method is completely free from any added solvents which makes is more like bubble hash in terms of purity.

Rosin differs from bubble hash in a few ways, though. For instance, rosin looks like shatter or wax while bubble hash still retains some plant material. It resembles hash more than wax. Bubble hash also takes a long time to create, whereas you can make DIY rosin at home simply and quickly.

What Is The Nug Smasher?

Enter the Nug Smasher. This device literally cranks out rosin for home or commercial production. The secret is pneumatic pressure: 20 tons of it to be exact. This intense pressure smashes your nugs and turns them into beautiful concentrate.

There are several plate configurations to accommodate anyone’s needs. The pressing area or plates in each of the three versions of the nug smasher increase in size. Therefore, the pro version is huge while the standard version is suitable for most at home rosin enthusiasts.

If the standard is too much for you or you want mobile smashing ability, try the mini with it’s diminutive 2.5 inch plates.

In addition to putting pressure on your weed, the plates in each Nug Smasher are heated to aid the extraction. These plates are completely controllable. A pressure gauge also helps you get the perfect concentrate crush.

How To Make DIY Rosin At Home

Want to make DIY rosin at home with the Nug Smasher? Here’s how to do it.

Gather ye cannabis while ye may; in other words, get your stash ready. Next, set up your Nug Smasher. You’re almost done already.

Put your cannabis on parchment paper and load in between the two open Nug Smasher plates. Next, close the plates by gently pumping the handle on the Nug Smasher until they’re touching. Wait according to the manufacturer directions for the amount of cannabis you’re smashing.

When the time is up, hit the release button and remove your smashed nug. Lift the crushed bud off the paper and traces of concentrate will remain.

Watch how Jacky420 fares with his dry ass flower.

If it works with even that crispy bud it’s going to perform.

Where Can I Get My Very Own Nug Smasher?

Order your Nug Smasher through the company’s website and take advantage of how easy it can be to create pure cannabis concentrate at home. We predict your friends will be over in droves as soon as you let it slip that you’re smashing nugs.

Tell them the 420 Pony sent ya.