What Are The Different Parts Of Marijuana Buds: Cannabis Anatomy

What Are The Different Parts Of Marijuana Buds: Cannabis Anatomy

Cannabis anatomy is a bit involved but it's also beautiful. Not only do we prize our favorite plant for its ability to lift us to higher states of con

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Cannabis anatomy is a bit involved but it’s also beautiful. Not only do we prize our favorite plant for its ability to lift us to higher states of consciousness; cannabis is awesome looking.

If you’ve ever been curious about cannabis anatomy, get ready for 420 Pony to break it down.

Up Close And Personal

It makes the most sense to have a good looky-loo at a marijuana bud and then dissect each part one by one.

While we refer to the bud of the cannabis plant as the ‘flower’ it really isn’t a flower. The correct term for cannabis blooms are inflorescence. More specifically, inflorescences are a collection of flowers along a stem.

Furthermore, male cannabis plants don’t flower in the same way as females. They do produce a flower, but it’s pretty useless for anyone looking to light up. Growers cultivate female marijuana plants because what we know as the ‘bud’ is the crowning glory of the female cannabis flower.

This is most apparent before harvest.

Cannabis Anatomy macro


A cannabis cola is a cluster of buds on a marijuana plant. These grow vertically, often in cone shapes. A plant may have one or several colas depending on how it’s been cultivated.


When a bud forms on a cannabis plant, the calyx emerges first. It contains and protects the pistils and therefore all the tasty bits like trichomes.

The calyx is made up of many sepals, which are small almost petal like structures.



Pistils extend from the cola in several areas. These tubes enclose the plant’s reproductive organs. Therefore, the pistil’s job is to attract pollen from insects or the open air. Often covered with resin, pistils can look quite different from strain to strain.

So, the real cannabis anatomy term for those red hairs are pistillate hairs or stigmatic hairs.

The calyx is the first part of a flower that forms. It is made up of a collection of small leaves that form in a spiral near where the flower meets the stem, and is made up of sepals, which are tiny leaves that protect the flower at its base.

cannabis anatomy pistil



Trichomes are small glands on the plant that secrete resin. In turn, the resin contains terpenes and cannabinoids. These substances make up the plant’s flavor profile and altering effects.

The trichomes are not tagged in the photo above because they’re so minuscule.

cannabis anatomy trichomes

Cannabis Anatomy: Below The Bud

While the cannabis flowers are where it’s at, let’s cover some of the cannabis parts under the bud as well.

Sugar Leaves

These small leaves glisten with resin and can be used in extractions and edibles. They’re not technically part of the flower, but worth mentioning.


Obviously, the stem supports the leaves and flowers of any plant. Cannabis is no different.

Fan Leaves

The iconic silhouette of cannabis leaves are actually depictions of the fan leaves on the plant.

Cannabis Anatomy: Botany Basics

And there you have the basics. The next time you’re picking apart some heady nugs, you’ll see a whole lot more than ever before.