How To Clean Your Glass Pipes: Cheap And Easy

How To Clean Your Glass Pipes: Cheap And Easy

Glass pieces are a huge part of stoner culture. I'm sure you know someone with a bong that's an actual piece of art. Maybe you've had a piece for year

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Glass pieces are a huge part of stoner culture. I’m sure you know someone with a bong that’s an actual piece of art. Maybe you’ve had a piece for years and you’re attached to it. Maybe you’re a collector. Whatever the reason you have glass pipes, bongs, or dab rigs in your life you gotta know how to clean your glass pipes.

There are tons of products on the market that hang us up when we’re young whippersnappers just getting into the game. They smell like lemons. They come in gels, with sand like consistencies, and with silly names. While they all work, there is a better and much cheaper way.

Read on for the secret to clean your glass pipes with two simple household ingredients you probably already have.

For The Love Of Glass

I think for the most part, stoners like glass work because it allows us to express ourselves. There are also many ways to smoke out of glass. You may favor huge bongs or small bubblers. Maybe you opt for dry hitting over water pipes. Either way you are going to have to clean them.

There is no joy quite like a clean bowl. It returns to its former splendor reminding you why you had to have it in the first place.

The drawback with glass is that when it gets dirty, things turn gross very fast. Your hits won’t taste any good for starters. Your lungs will also be more irritated by the gunk and residue inside your piece.

When it starts to smell, burn unevenly, or look dirty, break out your spare and follow these steps.

How Not To Clean Your Bowl

Ever tried to boil your glass? This method is thrown around by old stoners as their standby but I’ve found it messy and incredibly smelly. It ruins the pot you use to boil the water and potentially your sink as well.

Endless scraping is no better. While you can get some pieces pretty clean this way, it takes a lot of time and effort. It is also messy, smelly and usually leaves you covered in the stuff that was gunking up your bowl an hour ago.

How To Clean Your Glass Pipes The Cheap And Easy Way

You only need two products for this method and a container. The beauty is in its simplicity.

Before you dive in, scrape your bowl if you want to collect the resin. Don’t expect to salvage any after your favorite apparatus goes for a bath. If you clean your glass pipes with this method you’ll be running all of the residue down the drain.

To Clean Your Glass Pipes You’ll Need:

  • A container large enough for your piece to fit in;
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Salt
  • That’s it.

The Method To Clean Your Glass Pipes Effortlessly:

Pour a liberal amount of salt into your container and into your glass piece. Add enough alcohol into the container to cover your bowl or bubbler. I like to pour some of the alcohol directly into and over my glass while I fill up the container but this probably isn’t necessary.

Let the mix soak overnight or as long as you can. Gently shake or stir the container a few times while you wait. If your bowl is particularly dirty, you can rinse it under hot tap water for a few minutes and toss it back in mid-soak.

I’ve used old coffee cans, mason jars, plastic zipper bags, and even reusable plastic lunch containers to soak my bowls in. It’s best if the container has a lid and is easy to clean or disposable. Be careful with plastic bags because the alcohol can leak through.

When you think you’ve soaked things enough, wipe the piece with a paper towel or rag and run it under hot tap water. This will remove any remaining sludge. Use a cotton swab or pipe cleaner for necessary detailing. You’ll find you don’t need much of that and your bowl is astonishingly clean after just a rinse.

How To Clean Bongs With Alcohol And Salt

If your bong is large this method is trickier. You have to fill it up with the alcohol and salt mixture and let it sit before dumping and rinsing. Try doing this outside if you can or carefully in the bathroom.

Just beware: sinks have taken more of our beloved bowls than anything besides parking lots.

I once saw someone keep a beta fish in a bong like it was a fishbowl. They used a cork to keep the water from flowing out and this could work to help soak your bong. Just leave the poor fish out of it.

He never looked very happy to me.

Save Money!

The only thing left to do now is save money you used to spend on your lemon scented cleverly named glass cleaning products. If you love those things, by the way, keep right on using them. Life is short and you should do what makes you happy.

If you ever find yourself in a pinch, however, reach into your medicine cabinet and pantry and mix up your own glass cleaner anytime.