The Cheapest Way To Clean Your Glass Effectively

The Cheapest Way To Clean Your Glass Effectively

Need a cheap way to clean your glass effectively? I think anyone who smokes does. We've all bought specialty cleaners that promise to do the trick. Wh

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Need a cheap way to clean your glass effectively? I think anyone who smokes does. We’ve all bought specialty cleaners that promise to do the trick. While they work, they’re also pricey and inconvenient. Boiling the pieces isn’t much better because you’ll stink your house up and ruin any kettle you use to do it in.

If you want to save you resin for a rainy day, you will have to scrape your piece before using this method. If you just need a clean pipe or bong, however, here’s how to get there quickly.

Why You Need To Clean Your Glass

If you don’t clean your glass smoking pieces regularly, they’ll gunk up with resin. This resin smells bad, tastes bad, and can even start leaking out of the pipe onto your hands. You’re not keeping anything on the down low at that point.

In my experience, a dirty piece will also make you cough more than a clean one. Power of suggestion? Maybe, but it’s so easy to clean your glass there’s no reason not to.

You can scrape the piece to salvage the resin which you can actually smoke. This is not a great time, however, so if you have access to regular cannabis you’ll be looking for a better way. With our method you won’t get your hands covered in sticky, smelly resin. Your piece will look brand new in no time.

Ingredients You Need To Clean Your Glass Pipes And Bongs

This is the best part because it’s so simple. You also probably have these ingredients around the house already.

  • Salt
  • Rubbing alcohol (higher the percentage the better)
  • A disposable container such as a coffee can or plastic food storage container.
  • Paper towels
  • Cotton Swabs (if necessary)
  • Pipe Cleaners (if necessary)

The last two or three items are optional. If you want your glass to look completely new, they’ll help you out. You don’t need them to get a pretty clean piece, however.

How To Clean Your Glass: Procedure

Let’s take it step by step and break it down.

Place your pipe into the disposable container you’re using. If you’re cleaning a bong you’ll have to get a bit more creative. I’ve seen people plug the slide hole with a cotton ball or cork and simply fill the interior with our cleaning solution. You could also fill your sink but this may make a mess. For ease of explanation, let’s assume you’re using a regular spoon pipe from this point on.

When your pipe is in the container, pour salt over it liberally. There is no recipe to this, just dump in a ton of salt. You don’t have to cover the piece with it, but you want enough in the mix to saturate the alcohol solution to the point where it can’t absorb any more. This is also not rocket science. If you feel like you need a bit more salt, dump it in there. If you aren’t sure if it’s working, you’ll know when you check your piece after a bit of soaking. Basically, I’ve never measured this and it always works out just great.

Add the alcohol to the container until your pipe is submerged. Again, if you’re cleaning a bong you just need to be sure the inside is filled with the solution, you don’t have to totally submerge it in a bucket or anything.

Let it soak for 2-8 hours. The longer you let this soak the easier it will be. I usually leave mine overnight. That being said, it’s possible to do this in 2-3 hours if you’re in a rush. Sometimes if I’m in a hurry, I will alternate some soaking with a hot water flush. To do this, take the piece out of the container and run it under your hottest tap water in a clean sink. Don’t leave any dishes in there or you’ll have a mess. The hot water will dislodge a lot of the gunk and flush it out. Then drop it back into the container if things aren’t as clean as you like, or proceed to the next step.

Pro tip: If you get resin in your sink, use a paper towel, dish soap, and baking soda or salt (abrasive) to scour the sink. It will scrub off any gunk your glass leaves behind.

When your pipe has soaked for hours, rinse it in hot water and wipe it out. Your cotton swabs are perfect for getting into the actual bowl of the pipe and the shaft. You may find all you need is a rinse and a wipe with a paper towel. This works amazingly well!

Pro tip 2: You know what works great at removing stubborn resin from hands and around mouth pieces and carb holes? Baby wipes. Give a little wipe or scrub with one to any areas you aren’t happy with and it will spiff it right up.

Toke Happy With Clean Glass!

Now that your glass is clean, enjoy the wonderful flavors your hard earned stash has to offer. Let us know if this works for you or how you clean your pieces!