Cannabis Weights And Measures Explained

Cannabis Weights And Measures Explained

Cannabis Weights And Measures Explained If you're brand new to using cannabis, you may find yourself a little confused by the weights and measures.

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Cannabis Weights And Measures Explained

If you’re brand new to using cannabis, you may find yourself a little confused by the weights and measures. This is 99% an issue because the US refuses to use the metric system like the rest of the world. So basically, we are going to refresh you on middle school info here.

Luckily, metrics are super easy so this will all be crystal clear in a few minutes.

We understand this article isn’t for our OG Pony fans, but you might know a newb who could use this info. We also want to be welcoming to all the new cannabis users out there. They might be confused and a bit ashamed to ask.

We sucked at math in school so we get it.

Cannabis Weights And Measures: Dispensary Units Or Grams

Today, most of us buy our weed in a dispensary and comes in grams. One gram is 0.035274 ounces. That’s around the weight of one paperclip. A paperclip actually weighs in at 1.1 grams or so but it gives you a point of reference.

Of course, the visual representation of a gram of cannabis is going to vary widely from strain to strain. Depending on how much moisture is in the bud, how dense the strain is, and whether there is a stem hiding inside or not, grams will look different sizes.

That’s why we buy and sell marijuana based on weight.

Cannabis Weights And Measures: Street Units AKA Eighths, Quarters, Halves And Ounces

If you’re still obtaining your cannabis from ‘your guy,’ he could still be going by the ounce system. We’re going to break this down for you and give you the approximate gram weight of each unit.

Each of these units is named relative to how they stack up against an ounce.

When we get to the end, you’ll see how easy it is to reverse engineer the system to help it make more sense.

Cannabis Weights And Measures

Shout out to Greenito for the infographic.

Cannabis Weights And Measures: Eighths

An eighth is so named because it takes eight of them to make an ounce. It weighs 3.5 grams.

Before grams and even ounces were the standards of cannabis measurement, it was measured by ‘fingers.’ This referred to how the weed looked in the bag. We are going to reference this, but only as a very loose visual representation. You cannot go by this in a scientific fashion.

Cannabis Weights And Measures: Quarters

A quarter is, as you’ve probably guessed, 1/4th of an ounce. Therefore, an ounce is full of 4 quarters. It weighs 7 grams.

This can appear like approximately ‘two fingers’ inside a bag. Obviously, this is not a tried and true system because every type of cannabis looks different and has different density.

Cannabis Weights And Measures: Halves

A half is 1/2 of an ounce of cannabis. This weighs 14 grams. This will look like approximately ‘four fingers’ inside a bag, but this is very relative. It really matters what type of cannabis we’re talking about. Please take this very generally.

Cannabis Weights And Measures: Ounces

Ounces are self-explanatory, but it may help you to know that it weighs 28 grams. If you had eight fingers, that would be around what an ounce looks like. If you want, just stack your hands omitting the thumbs for a visual.

Cannabis Weights And Measures: It’s In The Bag

If you made it all the way through this and found it at all useful or can think of a friend who needs to brush up, please share! We want to welcome any new cannabis users into the circle with zero judgment.

Thanks again!