What Is A Cannabis Tincture And How Do You Prepare One?

What Is A Cannabis Tincture And How Do You Prepare One?

Cannabis concentrates are one thing, but cannabis tincture preparations are another. Tinctures are still the weird kid at the table when it comes to p

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Cannabis concentrates are one thing, but cannabis tincture preparations are another. Tinctures are still the weird kid at the table when it comes to popular consumption methods. Don’t count tinctures out just yet, however. They’re versatile, discrete, and yours in a few simple steps.

Something like a tincture does double duty as an edible and a concentrate giving you lots of ingestion options. Tinctures of all kinds are used in homeopathic and naturopathic medicine to treat conditions. It’s one of the most basic methods to turn plants into medicine and dosing can be adjusted fairly easily.

By the time we wrap this up, you’ll understand exactly what a tincture is and even how to make your own. That will pretty much make you the king or queen of the hippies. You may also experience the positive side effect of being able to make other tinctures. Hippie-rific or not, tinctures can be a very useful part of your DIY medicine cabinet.

What’s A Tincture, Anyway?

In some ways, a tincture is a bit like cannabis concentrate. In most cases, the solvent is alcohol and you do not smoke a tincture. You take it orally like cough syrup. Vanilla extract is really a tincture so you’re more familiar than you think.

You can make a tincture with any herb that is safe to consume orally. If you don’t consume alcohol or prefer to avoid it, you can use glycerin, honey or apple cider vinegar as solvents. A commercially prepared cannabis tincture is very likely to contain alcohol, however so keep that in mind.

A tincture is like an infusion or tea. Infusions use heat to extract active compounds from plants, whereas tinctures don’t require heat. Tincture extraction occurs because of the chemical properties of the solvent.

Remember that just like cannabis wax, a tincture is a concentrated form of whatever plant it is made out of. Just a drop might do you. To top it off, alcohol based tinctures have a shelf life of years.

How To Make Cannabis Tincture

A visualization may help you really understand the cannabis tincture. It won’t hurt to know how to make one, either. It’s shockingly simple but takes some time to steep.

What You’ll Need To Make Cannabis Tincture

  • A glass Mason or ball jar to steep your tincture in.
  • Cannabis flower, although you can try using some combination of flower and leaf.
  • A strainer or coffee filter to help separate the plant matter out. Clean stockings or a cheese cloth will work, too.
  • A bottle with a dropper to store your finished tincture in.
  • A funnel or great aim.

From this point, the process is pretty free.

An Intuitive Procedure Guide

Dump your bud into the jar and pour the alcohol over it, making sure the plant material is at least completely saturated. How much alcohol you add is somewhat up to you. Just make absolutely sure there is more liquid than bud to avoid mold or rot. Note your procedure each time and repeat the ones that give you the best personal results.

Stir it up. Put the lid on the jar and shake it up, too.

Place the jar or jars in a dim place and leave them for a month or more, shaking the jars a bit every other day. This is subjective as well, however, so you can shake more or less often.

Some people like to warm the tincture gently but don’t boil it. You can put your jars into a slowcooker full of water or place them in the sun for a couple of hours during the day.

When you’re ready to try your tincture, strain it and get the resulting green dragon tincture into your dispenser bottle. Don’t be proud, use a funnel.

How To Use Cannabis Tincture

This is the really fun part. You can put it on anything you eat.

That’s right, Thanksgiving just became low-key lit.

Drop some neat on your tongue, drip it into lemonade on a hot summer day, or take wake and bake to a new level with cannabis tincture in coffee. The possibilities are literally endless. It’s pretty covert, too.


A 1ml dose is a safe base point to start your dosage testing at. Take one dose and gauge your reaction for the next time. Do you need a little more? Was that enough to help you drift off to a peaceful sleep or deliver the giggles, mood relief, or appetite stimulation you needed?

While this is all subjective and 420 Pony does not necessarily endorse any of the information at the following link, there is an interesting Reddit thread about cannabis tincture dosage. You may find some useful info there.

Why Cannabis Tincture Is Awesome

Cannabis tincture, how do I love you? Let me count the ways …

  • Tinctures are a really easy way to use smokeless cannabis. You don’t need any special equipment, just patience.
  • Once you have a cannabis tincture on hand, it only takes seconds to ingest it.
  • You can completely conceal using a cannabis tincture in many situations.
  • It is a low calorie option when compared to brownies and other popular edibles.
  • You can safely make a cannabis tincture in your kitchen.
  • It makes a real conversation piece gift at Christmas.

Go Get Your Tincture On

Now that you’re interested in playing around with a cannabis tincture, consider making a lavender one for inflammation, sleeplessness or GI issues. Lavender is also pretty tasty in lemonade, come to think of it. If you can find a plant that soothes whatever ales you, you can make it into a tincture using this guide.

What you’re really about is cannabis, though. You should be ready to give making your own cannabis tincture a try. Go slowly with your dosage and add any thoughts you have from your experiments to the conversation on Reddit. It’s always good to share with the class.

See you again soon for another 420 breakdown on a hot pot topic.