Cannabis And Sleep: Is It Helping Or Hurting?

Cannabis And Sleep: Is It Helping Or Hurting?

Who doesn't like a toke before turning in? Have you ever wondered how cannabis affects your sleep? We certainly know that CBD, a cannabinoid present i

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Who doesn’t like a toke before turning in? Have you ever wondered how cannabis affects your sleep? We certainly know that CBD, a cannabinoid present in cannabis, eases depression and anxiety. Does it really help you sleep though? 420 Pony is riding in to answer your burning questions about cannabis and sleep.

The Dangers Of Lack Of Sleep

You may think grumpiness and disconnectedness are all that you suffer from when you don’t sleep. That’s not the case at all, however. A lack of sleep contributes to mood disorders and digestive problems and often springs from another chronic condition.

When you’re caught in a loop of insomnia and health problems, the two amplify each other. That’s no way to live.

Additionally, lack of sleep can elicit a stress response which is unhealthy over long periods. Stress can cause sleeplessness, weight gain, heart problems, headaches, and a variety of other conditions.

Pretty much, not sleeping really sucks. It’s not good for you either.

3 Fast Facts About Cannabis And Sleep

Lucky for you cannabis fans: pot helps you sleep in several ways. Here are 5 fast facts about cannabis and sleep.

1. Slip Off To Sleep Easier with Cannabis

Three known studies concluded that cannabis and sleep are a perfect pair.

Cannabis reduced the length of time subjects needed to fall asleep in a 1973 study. This study researched dosage as well as effect. The findings were promising in a small sample of people who were able to fall asleep significantly faster when they used cannabis.

Another 2008 study on cannabis and sleep found that while cannabis consumption may decrease REM sleep, it helps subjects fall to sleep to begin with. If you sleep restfully once you drift off but have problems turning off your brain or relaxing enough to fall asleep in the first place, cannabis could help.

Another study on cannabis and sleep from 1972 studied the effects on THC and CBD in mice related to sleep. This study also found evidence that the mice exposed to CBD had a whopping increase in their

2.Every Strain Is Different

If you’re a savvy smoker, you already know that sativa strains are more energizing and cognitive while Indica strains are relaxing with a deep body buzz. Generally speaking, Indica strains should help you fall to sleep better than Sativa strains. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, however. You have to find what works for you.

3. Cannabis And Sleep Alter Dreams

Science isn’t completely sure why, but cannabis use before bed reduces the vividness and frequency of dreams. This could be because cannabis alters the dopamine response in the body. Dopamine is involved in dream creation. If you suddenly stop using cannabis after prolonged use, you may notice an onset of incredible dreams.

This is either wonderful and magical or totally terrifying; just like life.

The Final Puff

The moral of this breakdown is that pot will probably help you fall to sleep. Some of the studies cited here found that large quantities of cannabis can produce ‘hangover’ effects the next day or that heavy use decreases the effectiveness of cannabis’ somnolence. This could be a result of good, old fashioned tolerance.

So use cannabis effectively but sparingly at bed time and buckle up for some crazy dreams the next time you hit a dry spell.

Thanks for taking another ride on the 420 Pony while we break it down.