Cannabis News You Need Now

Cannabis News You Need Now

This is the cannabis news you need now. A collection of sites that belong in your go-to list of sources. Additionally, you'll find some entertaining c

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This is the cannabis news you need now. A collection of sites that belong in your go-to list of sources. Additionally, you’ll find some entertaining content amid the news and research because we all love a good laugh.

While it’s certainly fun to keep your thumb on the current happenings in weed news, cannabis news serves other purposes as well. For instance, you’ll be well armed the next time controversy arises over a pot related topic. You’ll also be informed about new products and trends that you might enjoy.

In short, even casual cannabis users should find something to their liking here. Let’s jump in.

Cannabis News Must Follow #1: The Cannabist

The Cannabist provides a great mix of fun content, news, culture, reviews, and more. There are even recipes so you can get your edible game up to par. We all know about High Times, but this source is more easily overlooked. Trust us, your hippest pot pals are already reading it. Plus, what a great name, right?

Cannabis News Must Follow #2: Cannabis Now

Cannabis Now is another must read publication and, bonus, you can have it in print if you want. While this site is similar to The Cannabist, part of why we’re profiling it is for what you wont see. Don’t expect a run of regurgitated content that you’re seeing on all the other heavy hitting pot sites. Cannabis Now forges their own trail through the interesting news of the day. They also review some products you may be watching.

Cannabis News Must Follow #3: Dabs Magazine

Dabs, though. After all, cannabis is not all about joints and bowls anymore. We’re dabbing now. Look no further than Dabs Magazine for all the content you crave about that #710 life. If you aren’t about that dab, you’ll find other pertinent pot news on this site as well. Dabs Magazine is also interested in fostering a community of informed people looking to make careers out of the budding cannabis industry. Join the think tank.

Cannabis News Must Follow #4: The Canna Law Blog

Want to avoid ‘entertainment’ in your news and focus on legalization efforts instead? The Canna Law Blog has all of the up to date news about pot’s schedule status. These articles are journalistic and researched so they’re great to have in your arsenal. Feed your head, canna fans.

Cannabis News Must Follow #5: Cannabis Culture

One stop by the Cannabis Culture site and you’ll find an entire community waiting. The site is aptly named because it isn’t just a news source. There is a message board as well where you can link up with other like minded 420 friendly pals and talk about things from growing to strains and more. In this way, this site is one part cannabis news and one part information hub. It’s a great place to start your day.

Bonus Tip: Feedly

If you don’t want to fetch all of your news from your crowded social media feeds, try a feed reader like Feedly; #notsponsored. It’s free to use and easy to load up with sources that relate to a certain topic. You can save posts for later, share them from the site’s dashboard, and pin them to a clip board for easy organization.

Check it out and load in some of the sites we recommend here.

We left out the usual heavy hitters because we’re all already reading High Times, Massroots, Leafly and Herb. It’s time for a little new blood in your canna feed.

See you soon!