Cannabis Grow Techniques: SCROG Explained

Cannabis Grow Techniques: SCROG Explained

Welcome to SCROG explained, the next installment of 420 Pony breakdowns that peeks into the basics of some popular growth techniques. If you missed ou

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Welcome to SCROG explained, the next installment of 420 Pony breakdowns that peeks into the basics of some popular growth techniques. If you missed our previous post about topping, stop by to see how it compares to the SCROG method.

This intro guide to SCROG explained is a beginner 101 overview. We’ll toss in a few helpful links along the way in case you want to take a deeper dive into the topic after these crib notes.

SCROG Explained: What Is It, Anyway!?

SCROG stands for Screen Of Green. As you might expect from that name, the process involves some screens or netting. Growers find this method attractive because it increases yield.

When you SCROG your plants, you manipulate the amount of light the plats receive. This causes the plants to grow in a more dense fashion. The result is plants that are shorter, bushier, and bud-ier.

The 5 Basic Steps Of SCROG Training

While SCROG training your cannabis plants takes a bit of time, the good news is it isn’t very difficult. Following this simple plan will help.


Literally, you have to fix a screen above your plants. Place it 20″ to 25″ higher than the top of your plants. Choose screen that is well made with square openings that are two inches by two inches wide. This type of screen will encourage your plants to grow low and heavy with precious buds.

Clipping Colas

Essentially, you also have to top your plant.  As soon as your plants are 10″ tall, you can start clipping.

Find the small colas as they emerge from the top of your cannabis plants and snip them off. This also helps your plants grow outward instead of upward. Additionally, it encourages the plants to grow multiple colas.

If you know your cannabis anatomy, you know the cannabis cola is the dominant bud cone that forms at the top of each plant.

Pruning The Plant

The tops of your plants aren’t the only bits that need a snip, however. As your plants grow tall enough to almost touch the screen above them, prune the lower leaves and branches.  Encouraging a different growth pattern is the name of the game here. This step is yet another way to coax your plant to grow in the way you want it to.

By snipping the bottom branches off your plant’s main stalk, the plant focuses growth upward. Your screen is there to keep things under control. As your plant reaches through the screen, use plant ties to lag it to the screen itself. Your goal is to create a cannabis canopy against the support of the screen.

Stimulating Force Flowering

Now that your plant is wrangled into position, you are ready to force flowering. This stage of SCROG is all about lighting. Manipulate the amount of light your plants receive to throw them into a fit of flowers.

Aim for 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light.

Lagging Your Plant To The Screen

Soon, your plants will show a lot of growth. You must keep training your plants to grow horizontally under the screen. Keep using your plant ties or clips and position the branches against the screen.

There are two main benefits to this lagging step in the SCROG method. One benefit is your plants take up less space and this is ideal for many indoor grow situations. Another benefit to this growth technique is an abundance of colas.

SCROG Explained

And that, my ponies, is essentially SCROG explained! As you can see, it’s not that difficult and takes only slightly more time than a wild and free growth method.

If you’re interested in learning even more about SCROG training, visit the forum at 420 Magazine for tips from fellow growers. Another great SCROG explained resource is this video from Icemud on YouTube.

Subscribe to Icemud’s channel to see the rest of this series about the SCROG technique.

Wishing you lots of growth!