Cannabis Feminist- Ya Heard?

Cannabis Feminist- Ya Heard?

Cannabis Feminist is a brand for the new millennium. The founders envision a space for women in the budding cannabis market. The management team is sa

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Cannabis Feminist is a brand for the new millennium. The founders envision a space for women in the budding cannabis market. The management team is savvy in a variety of marketing, retail, and design fields and offers as wide a variety of cannabis based wellness products to their customers.

Who is Cannabis Feminist

Cannabis Feminist headquarters is in California, where the company deploys a mix of touchy feely multilevel marketing and innovative products and strategies to gather support from new entrepreneurs. Theirs is a women only cannabis club and they have both a dream and a plan to get there.

Once consultants sign on, they become ambassadors for the product line which includes several different delivery systems of mother ganja. To purchase Cannabis Feminist products, you can call for a consultation and attend one of their newly famous Bake Sales.

Cannabis Feminist Products

However you consume cannabis, these women have you covered.

Vaporizers are available for people who want clean tokes. Each of the 3 formulas delivers a slightly different effect. Medical patients and recreational smokers will find something to their fancy.

There are also topical cannabis products for sale. These creams and oils are applied to the skin to reap a variety of benefits. Just like the vaporizers, the topical products at Cannabis Feminist each produce different results. There are six to choose from.

Additionally, five cannabis tinctures are sold for pleasure, pain relief, and more.

CF edibles come in truffles, granola bars, or powder. They sound like a pure delight.

Finally, CF sells an herbal flower blend they recommend for pain relief, physical pleasure, sleep support, balance, and euphoria.

The Cannabis Feminist Bake Sale

The Avon Lady is a total buzzkill compared to the CF Consultants. These women are happy to come to your home to demo their products for you. The sales model borrows what works from direct marketing and fuels it with a strong tech backbone.

Your friends will be glad to come to this home sales party.

One-on-one consultations are also available for anyone curious about them or becoming a consultant.

Why This Is Awesome

There are several reasons why the Cannabis Feminist is hitting it out of the park. First, their delivery style is intimate and laid back. Because of this, they are able to introduce medical and recreational cannabis to people who can benefit from it but feel self conscious.

Another beneficial thing about CF is how it borrows workable features from direct sales. Most people find the idea of shopping in their own home attractive. People also feel more secure when they have direct access to an expert in the field and the CF Consultants know their products.

Seeing women in prominent position in the cannabis economy is also awesome. There is room for everyone and cannabis lovers especially value inclusion and the unique qualities that make each of us different.

I mean, what’s not to like about this!?

Swing by their website to find out more about Cannabis Feminist, their products, and services.