Cannabis Cola? 420 Pony Breaks Down The Bud

Cannabis Cola? 420 Pony Breaks Down The Bud

So, you wanna prove your allegiance to the mother plant? In the spirit of fostering a deeper knowledge about the plant that gives us so much, 420 Pony

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What Are The Different Parts Of Marijuana Buds: Cannabis Anatomy

So, you wanna prove your allegiance to the mother plant? In the spirit of fostering a deeper knowledge about the plant that gives us so much, 420 Pony returns to breakdown the cannabis cola.

The cola is a highly prized part of the cannabis plant. Therefore, it’s surprising that many pot lovers have never heard the word before. If you don’t have any growing experience in your past, this cannabis anatomy term may have slipped by you.

No worries! Let’s look closer at the beautiful bloom of the cannabis plant: the cola.

What Is The Cannabis Cola?

The cannabis cola is the place a flower develops on female marijuana plants. It’s the bloom cluster which is also known as the bud. It rises like a tower from the center or top of the branches and may be comprised of smaller clusters of flowers sometimes called popcorn buds.

Colas reach upward toward the sun helping the plant gather vital sunlight to grow.

While you can smoke some other parts of the marijuana plant, colas end up in the head stash. These dense floral formations bring top dollar from consumers. They’re also starkly beautiful in an almost alien way.

What Is Cola Dominance

Cannabis plants naturally form a dominant cola which makes optimizes the resources the plant takes in. These dominant colas are large and in charge. Naturally, growers sought techniques over time to train cannabis plants to produce more than one cola.

Those lucky enough to inspire their plants to produce several colas increase their profit margin substantially. They also get mad bragging rights and most of the floor space on Instagram.

Methods like topping, stress training, and the SCROG technique coax multiple colas from cannabis.

Some of those methods include topping, screen of green (SCROG), sea of green (SOG), and light stress training.

If you’re curious about these techniques and want to know more, check out the Plant Training Guide at Grow Weed Easy.

We’ll be featuring breakdowns on them in the near future as well.

The Different Parts Of The Cannabis Cola

As referenced above, the cola is made up of smaller parts of the cannabis plant. While they are all considered part of the flower, they’re worth understanding in their own right.


Calyxes are the part of the cannabis flower that protects the reproductive organs of the plant. These are sometimes called sepals.

Sugar Leaves

These small leaves cluster around the calyx. They gained their name because they glisten with small crystals of resin that look like sugar.


Pistils are long hair-like protrusions on the plant that smokers wax poetic about. They’re the plant’s reproductive organs and also contain a lot of the plant’s psychoactive compounds.


Trichomes are glads that secret resin. Since this sticky resin protects the plant from predators in the wild, it’s an evolutionary wonder. The highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes exist in the resin so it is the most potent part of the plant.

In fact, cannabis concentrates are all about extracting cannabinoids such as THC and CBD and terpenes from the trichomes. The terpenes are flavor compounds in each strain producing distinct aromas, tastes, and even sensations.

Male vs Female Cannabis

You probably already know that female cannabis plants produce the big buds you know and love. While male plants also flower, they’re quite different from their female kin. Male flowers appear in small dangling blossoms that some describe as tulip like in appearance. Eventually, these blossoms open and release the pollen needed to fertilize nearby female plants.

Cannabis Cola Officially Broken Down

There’s a simple cannabis cola breakdown. Now you know what a cannabis cola is, where it’s found on the plant, and why you should care.

Hopefully, you’ll remember what you’ve learned the next time you fall down a #weedporn hole on the internet. While eye candy is nice, knowledge is power.

See you next time, ponies!