Canada’s Cannabis Sin Tax

Canada’s Cannabis Sin Tax

Medical marijuana patients in America's neighbor to the north aren't happy upon learning the Canadian government included medical marijuana taxes in i

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Medical marijuana patients in America’s neighbor to the north aren’t happy upon learning the Canadian government included medical marijuana taxes in its federal budget.

The Canadian government confirmed that it will be assessing a 10% excise tax to all cannabis – both recreational and medical. This news came down with the release of the budget on February 26, 2018.

CFAMM Leads The Fight Against Canada’s Cannabis Sin Tax

Leading the fight against this tax is Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM), an Ontario based non profit whose mission is  supporting medical cannabis patients. The non profit is campaigning against the tax on the premise that it punishehs ill people. The organization’s Executive Director said it ‘adds insult to injury‘ for patients who need their medication.

The primary reason for the new increased criticism of the tax is the fact all of the cannabis products sold under Canada’s proposed Cannabis Act for medical reasons will be subject to the same taxes and conditions of the general legal pot structure being constructed in Ottawa.

People growing their own cannabis will only be taxed when and if it is sold. This includes seeds, plants, and cured marijuana.

The CFAMM also notes the precarious position of medical marijuana patients when it comes to paying for their medication. Medical cannabis isn’t covered on medical plans and therefore it would become the only medication in Canada taxed in this way.

Canadian Public Opinion About Canada’s Cannabis Sin Tax

A poll by Environics shows that 62% of Canadian residents are opposed to taxing medical cannabis. The numbers of advocates seeking repeal of the proposed tax number over 16,000. Twelve non profit organizations are within that group. Unfortunately, the Canadian government remains unphased.

CBD Exemption From Canada’s Cannabis Sin Tax

The government did decide to exclude CBD dominant strains that contain very little psychoactive THC from this tax. While this is a positive decision, it will affect a scant few patients and isn’t enough.

This could lead to the consideration that CBD is a more valid medicine than THC, a judgment advocates see as wrong and dangerous to the future of medical cannabis.

Canada’s Cannabis Sin Tax: Why CBD And THC Are Crucial To Medical Marijuana

As we have discussed before, cannabis possesses synergistic qualities that science is only beginning to understand. Not only is there a potential that CBD and THC work together to deliver more healing properties, but some terpenes also show interaction with cannabinoids. This is sometimes referred to as The Entourage Effect.

If science continues to study and prove this theory, than cannabis users are entitled to the full medicine marijuana offers. Limiting them to pure CBD is myopic and a backwards way to view this powerful plant.

How You Can Help Act Against Canada’s Cannabis Sin Tax

To add your voice to the fight for unencumbered medical marijuana in Canada, visit the CFAMM website. By joining CFAMM, you’ll help strengthen their fight to ensure that Canadian medical cannabis patients rights are preserved. The organization will keep members informed about important news, the work the organization engages in and volunteer/advocacy opportunities. It’s also completely free to join.