Can Cannabis Reverse Brain Aging?

Can Cannabis Reverse Brain Aging?

Stoners have been the butt of jokes about diminished brain capacity for decades. Interestingly enough, evidence now suggests that smoking pot might pr

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Stoners have been the butt of jokes about diminished brain capacity for decades. Interestingly enough, evidence now suggests that smoking pot might preserve your mental sharpness. How cannabis reverse brain aging? German and Israeli researchers from the University of Bonn and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem tested the question and the results are promising!

More research is necessary to confirm the full effects of cannabis. The initial findings suggest cannabis may slow natural brain aging as well as treat conditions like dementia.

How Does Age Affect The Brain

Just like any part of your body, the brain slowly suffers from some wear and tear over time. Cognitive function decreases as a result. People experience this deterioration through memory loss, difficulty learning, and problems focusing.

Let’s break it down. One hypothesis on brain aging is oxidation. As we age, our bodies are less efficient at moving this natural waste product out of the way. As it hangs around cells, it slowly damages them.

Another theory is that glia cells in the brain create less myelin. Myelin forms a conduit in the brain for impulses to travel through. Therefore, reduced myelin function contributes to reduced brain function too.

Neurons also deteriorate as we get older. Any of these things or a combination of them all probably contribute to getting ironically less smart as you gain more life experience.

Life’s a paradox, man.

Can Cannabis Reverse Brain Aging?

So that’s the dry stuff but now it’s time for cannabis to enter this conversation. Can cannabis reverse brain aging? Some researches from Israel and Germany say yes.

At least, one study shows promising results. Scientists got a few generations of mice stoned and monitored what happened. A series of tests were used to quantify the hypothesis can cannabis reduce brain aging.

The mice on the chronic for a month performed better than the mice on the placebo.

So I guess it’s time to stop cracking stoner jokes in quite the same way, eh media?

Cannabis And Memory

But hold on a minute- doesn’t marijuana turn you into a greasy stain on your sofa who never finds their keys again? Not exactly. A 2002 study showed that after ingesting oral cannabis, only some parts of memory were impaired. Furthermore, this impairment was temporary.

Conversely, the type of brain function studied by scientists in the University of Bonn/Hebrew University of Jerusalem study considers the overall strength and efficiency of your brain.

Basically, you may have trouble encoding memories of things that happen while you’re feeling the effects of cannabis. What cannabis is doing for your brain on a physiological level, however, appears to be beneficial. When you’re sober, any negative effects vanish but positive effects linger.

How Does Marijuana Promote Brain Function?

The scientists hypothesize that because the brain produces less naturally occurring cannabinoids as it ages, adding a few back in creates a measurable boost. THC even appeared to improve brain function in the elderly mice who were already a little forgetful.

Will cannabis reverse brain aging? To learn more, human trials are necessary. Try not to hurt each other rushing to get in on that gig.

If this research is consistent with humans, cannabis may be valued as a treatment for Alzheimer’s and dementia. We are watching the paradigm shift back from demonized plant to medicinal herb.

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