California Legalizes Cannabis

California Legalizes Cannabis

.The time has finally come. California legalizes recreational weed and the nation sits back and waits for the results. Well, the people who aren't run

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.The time has finally come. California legalizes recreational weed and the nation sits back and waits for the results. Well, the people who aren’t running to a dispensary that is. We’re here to get you up to speed on the details as well as provide some great news coverage for you to check out.

California Legalizes: How To Buy Cannabis In California

Oh, you’re just here because you want info on how to buy yourself some legal weed in CaliThe Cannafornian has you covered. Just before the new year, they published a really helpful guide for anyone new to cannabis who is ready to light up. Seasoned pros may not find this helpful, but do note the THC symbol that California is using. This will help everyone tell the difference between straight medical CBD which has no ‘high’ and THC strains which do. It looks like a small red triangle so keep an eye out.

If you want more of a California pot shopping guideGreenState offers that and more with all the info you need to buy your first legal bag.

California Legalizes: Dissecting The Law

If you’re the type who wants to know the real ins and outs of this legalization, The CannaLaw Blog is for you. They take a deep dive into how California got to this point . They also discuss what exactly the new laws mean for consumers and businesses. This article bustst some myths being repeated that either aren’t true or just aren’t precisely accurate. It’s easy to digest and important info.

If you dig this type of piece, also check out a handy fact list about exactly what the law means.

California Legalizes: You’re Expunged!

One of the heaviest criticisms hurled at legalization from the pro pot crowd is how ridiculous it is to leave marijuana ‘offenders’ in the slammer now that weed is legal. California is addressing this by providing opportunities for convicts to have their record wiped clean. We’re using convicts in a slightly tongue-in-cheek fashion here.

However, if you or a loved one are affected by outdated laws and repercussions dogging you around, find out more about how to get a clean slate and expunge your cannabis crimes.

California Legalizes: The Process

If you’re most curious about the process that brought Cali to legalization, The LA Times wrote something up late last year  all about how cannabis legalization came about. The articles talks not only about the slow creep toward decriminalization and legalization. It also covers the misgivings pro pot advocates had to overcome. This piece hit just after the vote to legalize so it offers an interesting perspective on the history that preceded the event as well as the vote.

California Legalizes: Los Angeles

Even NBC News got in on the game in an article discussing legal weed in Los Angeles and  the first businesses allowed by the state to actually start selling. If you’re in the LA area or are traveling there soon, this is good info.  West Hollywood and Santa Anna had legal shops open before LA. This created a strange situation. Customers bought cannabis from businesses that looked (and wanted to be) legit but still weren’t taxed like other businesses. Now that LA is caught up, the city can benefit from increased revenue related to pot sales.