Big Tobacco Invests In Cannabis

Big Tobacco Invests In Cannabis

Big Tobacco Invests In Cannabis We've all seen the meme: a pack of cannabis cigarettes with one of the well known, major cigarette brands on the la

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Big Tobacco Invests In Cannabis

We’ve all seen the meme: a pack of cannabis cigarettes with one of the well known, major cigarette brands on the label. Until now that’s just been a joke but the ‘conspiracy’ is starting to pull together. A recent press release from Alliance One International introduces concrete facts about big tobacco looking toward legal cannabis.

Big Tobacco Invests In Cannabis: Who Is Alliance One?

Alliance One International is one of only 2 independent and publically traded tobacco leaf producers and a huge player in the agricultural space. They make $2.35 billion each year.

In a press release posted in early February 2018, Alliance One International announced the latest investments of its in “compelling” new market opportunities and these included cannabis, industrial hemp, and e-liquids.

Hoping to access both budding THC and CBD markets, Alliance One acquired a 44% stake in a North Carolinian industrial hemp venture called Criticality. We know you gotta make that bank, Criticality, but, seriously?

This acquisition places Alliance One in a prime place for North Carolina’s emerging CBD markets. They hope to increase that stake to 50% by 2020.

Meanwhile, in Canada, an Alliance One International subsidiary, Canadian Cultivated Products, acquired a 75% equity position in a qualified medical cannabis producer, Canada’s Island Garden Inc.

Additionally, Canadian Cultivated Produces acquired an 80% stake in Goldleaf Pharm Inc.

Goldleaf is yet another Canadian medical cannabis producer in the midst of an expansion. The company is now completing construction on a 20,000 square foot growing facility.

In total, the tobacco merchant will have access to more than 1,000,000 square feet of cannabis cultivation space in Canada over the following 3 years, taking cannabis production to levels never ever seen before in human history.

Remember, Canada must legalize cannabis by the summer of 2018.

Big Tobacco Invests In Cannabis: Other BT/Cannabis Ties Including Patents

Alliance One isn’t the one big tobacco company wanting to tap into the rapidly emerging cannabis scene.

In January of 2016, Phillip Morris International, the biggest tobacco supplier invested in Israeli medical cannabis scene. Specifically, their deal was with Syqe Medical. This investment was the second largest financial transaction in the cannabis space that year.

Syqe Medical has developed a metered dose inhaler using cannabis compounds. They aren’t the only company developing similar technology. They are obviously one to watch, however.

Along with their medical cannabis finds, Phillip Morris International has filed a patent (US20080281135A1) for a special method of terpene production in plants that produce glandular trichomes.

That sounds like it’s cannabis specific to us!

The patent applies specifically to genetic modification of these kinds of plants, hinting that Phillip Morris hopes to make GMO varieties to tease out the creation of certain terpene aroma molecules.

Apart from aroma and flavor, terpenes are expected to play big roles in the future of medical cannabis.

Big Tobacco Invests In Cannabis: What’s All This Mean?

Well, it means the people you laughed at online for sharing the fake news about big tobacco and cannabis were right! These companies are poised to be major movers in both the medical and recreational cannabis space.

What does that mean for consumers? We don’t have much choice but to wait and see.

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