Best Cannabis Strain Of 2018

Best Cannabis Strain Of 2018

Best Cannabis Strain Of 2018 What is the best cannabis strain of 2018? Let's be honest, these results are subjective. However, it's pretty fun to r

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Best Cannabis Strain Of 2018

What is the best cannabis strain of 2018? Let’s be honest, these results are subjective. However, it’s pretty fun to rank strains and we know you’re here because you want an endorsement. Well, how will we come to a conclusion for you?

It’s always important to define our terms, after all.

We’re taking a look at The Weed Blog and Leafly’s picks for the year and giving you our opinion on our favorite. That is after we drop a truth bomb about an old standard that we simply always prefer.

Best Cannabis Strain Of 2018: Personal 420 Pony Pick- Sour Diesel

At us if you want, but we’ll always get excited over some true SD. No matter which strains come and go, this remains a staff favorite because of it’s incredibly heady nature.

Sure, it may not taste like blueberries or boast psychedelic colors on the buds. It does, however, puff tough and even breaks up in our favorite way.

A well cured sour diesel bud will grind up into near dust format making it ideal for joints, blunts and bowls. It may seem dry and crispy, but still manages to burn forever, especially if you’re dedicated about tamping.

Best Cannabis Strain Of 2018: 420 Pony Pick Honorable Mention- OG Kush, Headband

If we can’t get our hands on our old faithful SD, OG Kush and it’s derivative, Headband, also make us excited. We find the high similar, i.e. energizing, heady and not likely to give us mega munchies. Even though we’re veteran smokers, we can still get by conservatively with both of these strains, as well as SD.

Headband tastes pretty amazing too in our opinion.

Best Cannabis Strain Of 2018: 420 Pony Pick From Leafly’s List- Do-Si-Dos

Dude, it’s our favorite girl scout cookie so we’re giving some points for the name. I mean, let’s face it, every pick of Leafly’s list is a winner.

Do-Si-Dos pack a powerful Indica punch but won’t leave you with a wicked case of burn out. If it’s important to you that you puff on pretty weed, check this bad boy out. You won’t be disappointed.

Best Cannabis Strain Of 2018: 420 Pony Pick From The Weed Blog’s List- Sour Girl

First of all, let’s note that The Weed Blog agrees with us about OG Kush. They give it a nod on their list. We’re taking that one as our own runner up pick, however, so we want to talk about Sour Girl from their list.

How could we turn up a cross between Girl Scout Cookie and Sour Diesel? You’d have to be mad to do so. It has an awesome bouquet and a super heady high. That’s just what we’re looking for with our preferences.

Best Cannabis Strain Of 2018: Disagree With Us? Come At Us On Our Socials!

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Happy 2019, Ponies! Thanks for being with us for all this time, we appreciate you!